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BlueGrace Energy Bolivia (BGEB) and Maximance 2030 Partner with AXIOM Life and Health Inc., in Strategic Collaboration to Provide Health and Financing Solutions to Impoverished and Indigenous Communities Worldwide

Tuesday, 09 July 2024 01:00 AM

Axiom Life and Health Inc., based in Ottawa, Canada, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Maximance 2030 LTD and BlueGrace Energy Bolivia (BGEB) to deliver comprehensive health and financing solutions for community development projects.

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2024 / Julio José Montenegro, CEO of BlueGrace Energy Bolivia (BGEB), and Fernando Ferreira, CEO of Maximance 2030, have indicated that they are very pleased to partner with Axiom in providing essential health services and unlocking new financing opportunities for our development projects.

This partnership merges Axiom's deep expertise in medical insurance with MAXIMANCE 2030 LTD and BluegGrace Energy Bolivia's skill in public-private partnerships across diverse sectors, including healthcare.

Key Collaboration Highlights:

  • Innovative Financing: Axiom will leverage carbon credit securities as collateral, empowering Maximance 2030 and BlueGrace Energy Bolivia to obtain capital for community development projects.

  • Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions: Maximance 2030 and BlueGrace Energy Bolivia will deploy Axiom's robust health insurance plan, Axiom Healthcare, within the communities they serve. This plan offers global access, zero-cost network coverage, and full medical expense coverage, including travel. Axiom will also develop tailored health solutions for each region.

  • Equitable Profit Sharing: The partners will share the profits from the sale of carbon credit securities equally. Additionally, Axiom will collaborate with sponsors or self-finance premiums to reduce healthcare costs for the beneficiary communities.

"This collaboration combines Axiom's health expertise with the developmental insight of Maximance 2030 and BlueGrace Energy Bolivia, creating a powerful value proposition for communities worldwide," said Amita Kochar, President and Founder of Axiom Life and Health Inc.

As a first step following this announcement and during the inauguration of Expo Favela 2024 at the World Trade Center in São Paulo, Brazil, a meeting was held with the directors of CUFA & 4All (founders and partners of FBank) to discuss the potential development of private "Health Insurance" plans to be implemented with Bluegrace & FBank. These plans would be offered at an affordable price to each new customer who opens a checking account at FBank, leveraging CUFA's strong negotiating power with Brazil's official agencies. The model to be studied would be a public-private partnership (PPP), ensuring quality social insurance for FBank customers.

Mr. Montenegro indicated that this initiative would be a milestone for social actions and a commercial success for FBank, whose motto is that social actions and donations go hand in hand with the profits of companies and donors.

In this regard, Favela Holding and MAG Seguros have launched F Seguros, the first insurance company focused on Brazil's favela communities. This partnership combines Favela Holding's community expertise with MAG's multinational insurance experience. Helder Molina, CEO of MAG, emphasizes the importance of creating insurance tailored to the needs of favela residents. CUFA will be a social partner, training residents to become insurance brokers. F Seguros will offer life insurance, capitalization bonds, and funeral assistance nationwide.

BlueGrace Energy Bolivia is in the early stages of negotiations with F Seguros to join this significant initiative.

BGEB's collaborations are focused on empowering impoverished and indigenous communities around the globe through comprehensive social initiatives and sustainability, guided towards universally accepted principles in human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. By enhancing access to education, healthcare, and infrastructure, BGEB is committed to fostering community development alongside its environmental efforts. This integrated approach, which marries environmental conservation with the transition to clean energy and community empowerment, establishes BGEB as a frontrunner in both ecological preservation and clean energy innovation which underscores the ongoing importance of the partnership as it strives towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future, serving as a compelling example of what collective action and innovation can accomplish.

As a registered issuer and observer of sustainable financial instruments with the Capital Market Association (ICMA) and recognized by the United Nations Global Compact, BGEB prioritizes authenticity and sustainability, ensuring the integrity of its carbon credits. In that regard, BlueGrace Energy Bolivia, in partnership with MAXIMANCE 2030 LTD, had secured the approval of ISIN UK.BG.MAX 785.985257 which facilitates the support of Forest Conservation Projects through equities, prioritizing due diligence to uphold the integrity of the carbon credits issued by the company.

In recent months, BLUEGRACE ENERGY BOLIVIA has forged agreements with various global companies, including Mbombo Investment Group (MIG), a leading consulting and impact investment firm that manages alternative asset classes, global markets, and a private investments with a network of investors from the US, EU, Israel, Brazil, and African countries, providing them with updated global business information, APRISCO ENERGY INDUSTRIES S.L., a Spain-based company dedicated to a fair and sustainable energy transition; PH Plus, a prominent leader in alkaline water production and distribution in the United States; Healthy Grains S.A., a Guatemalan producer and exporter of nutrient-rich Seeds Like Hemp, Chia, and Flaxseed, and FRIGORIFICOS KOBEFOODS (KFK) a leading Peruvian entity championing the vegan movement in South America. These collaborations are expected to make substantial contributions toward achieving the sustainable development goals set for 2030.

BGEB's journey inspires us all to take action, as together, we can address climate change and protect our planet for future generations.

About BlueGrace Energy Bolivia:

BlueGrace Energy Bolivia (BGEB), a global consortium of experts in diverse areas, is committed to advancing the transition to a net-zero future in response to climate change challenges. Boasting decades of experience, our team is pioneering 21st-century energy transition projects. Grounded in professional expertise and unwavering integrity, we aim to create genuine value for business and society Learn more at:

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SOURCE: BlueGrace Energy Bolivia

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