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Tru Universe Has Significantly Captured the Attention of the Fintech Space Through Innovative Payment Programs and Revolutionary Prepaid Solutions

Friday, 28 June 2024 02:40 PM

MISSISSAUGA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2024 / The prepaid card industry is currently witnessing a radical surge as Tru Universe (Tru) ranks at the top of customizable programs within the transportation, retail, influencer and travel industry. As society continues to embrace contactless payments and moves away from cash transactions, the demand for prepaid card programs continues to evolve. Tru Universe (Tru), a pioneering female-led Canadian Fintech, is on a mission to revolutionize the global payment landscape. Leveraging a unified payment platform, Tru Universe aims to modernize transactions, reduce costs, and elevate brand presence.

Photo Credit: Nikko Pangilinan

"I love the variety of feel good initiatives Tru Universe provides for our clients," says Lisette Anciaes , Senior Program Director at Tru Universe. "Being involved in programs such as the LA Metro Mobility Wallet wherein low income families receive access to transportation or timeshares where programs can be made to benefit multiple individuals simultaneously."

Navigating the prepaid industry requires a skilled in-house team to ensure smooth operations. At Tru Universe, this commitment is evident due to a team that collaborates closely with clients, maintaining a seamless experience. More than just building a payment platform, Tru Universe's experts are adept at crafting tailored marketing solutions and incentive strategies.

Having a dedicated team of passionate individuals has been instrumental to Tru Universe 's success, and the results are evident. Over the past two years, Tru Universe has doubled in size, expanded into various industries, and continues to grow in multiple territories worldwide.


Influencer marketing is growing exponentially, which is crucial for boosting brand visibility and engagement. Tru Universe's partnership with Black's™ during the holiday season seamlessly blends influencer marketing with a customized Virtual Prepaid Card, leading to improved product reviews. Influencers praise the Tru Universe card for making purchases easier and enhancing promotional efforts, highlighting Tru's expertise in crafting effective marketing solutions and driving business growth.

In this current market, where influencers impact the social media metrics, Tru Universe introduces its own prepaid influencer wallet app. aka Anonymously Famous™️/A.F Visa card. Spearheaded by Mira Tzur, Senior Vice President at Tru Universe, the initiative provides a loyalty/ reward program, inviting talent agencies and branded partners to uniquely create a customized company payment funnel.

"Simplifying the payment platform of freelancers working for agencies has been a neglected problem which needs attention. To solve this problem, the innovative wallet app has been a game changer. It is better than anything that has ever been done prior and exciting to implement," says Mira Tzur, SVP at TruUniverse.


Tru Universe is reshaping public transportation through its global metro system partnerships, addressing traffic congestion, environmental impact, and community engagement. Initiatives such as the Mobility Wallet (MW) in Los Angeles provide prepaid debit cards for both public and private transportation, significantly improving the quality of life for program users. This positions Tru Universe as a pioneer in transportation solutions.


Tru Universe's retail solutions stand out with their carefully crafted customizable prepaid card programs. These initiatives are strategically designed to increase customer engagement and drive sales, offering remarkable convenience for both shoppers and property managers. Through personalized branding and tailored rewards, Tru Universe cultivates enduring brand loyalty and facilitates long-term success for property management companies, partnering with some of the largest in the industry.

"The retail landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation, and Tru is committed to leading the charge by continuously evolving our payment solutions. We recognize the growing demand for seamless omnichannel experiences," says Junius Cheng, Senior Director, Strategy and Business Enablement. "We are dedicated to developing and redefining to be compatible with these innovative technologies that empower retailers to meet this demand. At the same time, we remain vigilant in navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements and ensuring the security of every transaction."


For timeshares, part of the travel sector, Tru Universe's innovative marketing strategies provide 3 different prepaid incentive programs to attract potential buyers, fostering positive brand perception. The Tour Incentive Program encourages prospective clients to join sales presentations/tours by offering prepaid rewards, reinforcing the company's dedication to excellent customer service. Moreover, the Owner Referral Program sparks conversations about the brand because existing customers are encouraged to spread the word, while the Employee Incentive Program provides rewards to existing staff who recruit new talent. With these innovative prepaid incentive programs, Tru is reshaping the timeshare industry, igniting customer interest and increasing sales.

Tru Universe's commitment to innovation and client satisfaction continues to drive the evolution of the prepaid card industry, setting new standards for efficiency, convenience, and customer engagement.

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Tru Universe is a Canada-based FinTech company dedicated to revolutionizing the global payment landscape. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Tru Universe offers cutting-edge prepaid card solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers worldwide.

SOURCE: Tru Universe

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