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Confirmed: AI-Technology in Software Development Reduces Project Overheads by Up to 30%

Thursday, 13 June 2024 09:00 AM


VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2024 / RichBrains, a leading software development company, announces the latest insights into their AI-powered approach to product creation.

Having analyzed 17 of our projects over the last year, our team has found the appropriate use of AI to enhance project ROI by up to 30%. AI-powered approach has allowed us to gain significant advantages throughout the development lifecycle, from faster time to value to reduced project overheads.

How exactly has AI contributed? Here is our breakdown.

First, AI provides our developers with tools that enhance the efficiency of development processes and speed up the onboarding process up to 3x times.

AI also helps us understand certain business processes when we onboard new projects with outdated documentation or lack thereof. Not to mention, it boosts app security through advanced vulnerability detection and resolution capabilities.

Thus, AI allows our team to deliver solutions in shorter timeframes, which translates directly into cost savings for our clients. And we have also ensured that the quality of the code has not dropped - otherwise, we would abandon this practice immediately.

"AI, like any tool or technology, can sometimes be used unethically or unreasonably. Our primary goal was to avoid this and apply AI only where it makes sense - and make sure that we can clear IP claims and transfer IP to our customers. So far, the results have been astounding.

The exciting thing is that AI-first small and medium-sized companies like ours can now compete with enterprise-level organizations. Can't wait to see what we'll achieve in 2024."

- Max Dinman, CEO of RichBrains

AI technology also finds extensive and effective use as a functional part of our solutions. One notable example is the implementation of an LLM-powered AI chatbot for student support for an established educational institution. With its help, we have modernized the student support services while reducing operational costs, driving an estimated 18% increase in project ROI.

Another compelling example is our collaboration with a construction company called Aston Group, where we crafted a comprehensive ERP solution with the help of AI. By incorporating AI into the system's contractor, client and engineer portals, we increased efficiency and profitability for our client.

In addition to the above projects, our AI-powered approach has been instrumental in various other initiatives, ranging from creating whole eLearning ecosystems to enhancing the security of already existing apps.

Our strategic focus now is to bring AI to customers' back office processes (especially in legacy enterprises), and to build small AI models that can outperform more popular and generic ones.

About RichBrains:

RichBrains is a software development company with a focus on AI-powered solutions for educational institutions as well as industries like construction, entertainment, sports. RichBrains is also a certified AWS partner and Salesforce partner, as they use these products extensively to drive innovation and excellence.

For more information about our AI-powered software development services and how we can help your business thrive, visit our website.

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