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Aputure Refreshes the INFINIBAR Product Family with New 4-Light Kits and Accessories

Wednesday, 05 June 2024 12:14 PM


Ease and accessibility in a compact bundle: Aputure expands portability with two new 4-light kits and adds even more functionality to the INFINIBAR line with new power and mounting accessories; See them at Cine Gear Expo 2024

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2024 / Aputure, creators of LED lighting for filmmakers, today announced the arrival of two brand new lighting kits in the INFINIBAR line: the INFINIBAR PB6 and PB12 4-Light Kits, a four-light bundle of Aputure's high-pixel-density linear lights in two- or four-foot lengths, respectively, plus an expanded line of accessories that bring ease, power, and flexibility to any set. New power options, including a new battery adapter, and mounting options deliver greater usability and portability to this powerhouse lighting solution.

Introduced a year ago, Aputure INFINIBARs have already become a fan favorite with users, who have been asking for compact bundles and more ways to get the most use out of their lights. In response to this feedback, this release refreshes the INFINIBAR family with more options to accommodate a variety of productions, thanks to greater flexibility in power, rigging, and ease of transport. Aputure will be showcasing the expanded INFINIBAR line at the upcoming Cine Gear Expo (Stage 19, booth S9307) in Burbank, California.

Aputure co-founder and President Ted Sim shares, "When our INFINIBAR power users asked for more portable options and accessories, we listened. Our new 4-Light Kits and accessories further expand on the functionality of the INFINIBAR system by adding power options and mounting in portable kits a single person can transport."

INFINIBAR 4-Light Kits: More Options, Less Load

Aputure INFINIBARs are advanced color-tunable stick lights, with multi-pixel control and a flat bar design that allows them to be connected seamlessly, making them more camera-ready than other options on the market. Now, they're more portable, too, available in two- or four-foot lengths. At 50% less size and weight than the current 8-Light Kits, the INFINIBAR 4-Light Kits are compact and light enough for one person to bring onto any shoot.

The INFINIBAR 4-Light Kits come with four INFINIBARs efficiently packed in a protective case designed to hold a comprehensive suite of INFINIBAR accessories. The kit is bundled with additional DC male-to-male power cables, adapters, and light control grids in a sturdy rolling hard case that can easily fit in any standard vehicle. In addition to charging each light individually, the 4-Light Kit is equipped with a 330W Power Adapter with 4-Way Splitters that can simultaneously charge all fixtures in or out of the case.

INFINIBAR: Power and Flexibility are the Greatest Accessories

In addition to two new INFINIBAR 4-Light Kits, Aputure has announced the following accessories that will enable countless new ways to arrange and power these lights on set.

  • Passive Connectors: INFINIBAR Passive Connectors are metal splicing connectors that connect multiple INFINIBARs in a variety of patterns and make building shapes easier and cleaner than ever, with straight, 3-way, 4-way, and 6-way flat variations. They include short 5.5mm DC jumper cables that allow users to control how they distribute power to their INFINIBAR arrays. Read more about the difference between Active and Passive connectors.
  • Tripod: The INFINIBAR 1/4-20in Collapsible Tripod Base is a folding tripod stand that allows users to stand their INFINIBARs up vertically without needing to rig or build any additional support frames for the fixture.
  • Battery Station: The INFINIBAR Battery Power Station is a 24V V-Mount battery power solution that supports 14V, 26V, and 28.8V V-Mount batteries and outputs up to 200W of DC power. Users can easily manage DC power cable runs from the Power Station to their INFINIBAR array or mount this Power Station to lighting stands via lighting clamp.
  • Tilting Mount: The INFINIBAR Tilting Mounting Bracket is a mounting accessory for the INFINIBAR series fixtures capable of tilting up to 90ยบ, allowing users to mount the fixture to walls and other rigging points at various angles. These Brackets screw into both ends of any INFINIBAR where Connectors can be secured.
  • Power Adapter: The INFINIBAR 330W Power Adapter Kit contains a 330W AC-to-DC power adapter along with additional DC power cables. A single 330W Power Adapter allows users to power or charge up to 20 INFINIBARs, significantly simplifying power cable management on set.

You've Got the Power (Wizard)

Accompanying the release of these new power options, Aputure is launching an online INFINIBAR Power Wizard. Users can quickly determine how much power is required for any INFINIBAR configuration. Along with a visual explainer of the power needs, the Power Wizard will also provide purchase buttons for necessary items.

Aputure INFINIBARs feature internal batteries, pixel color control, built-in CRMX, and can be operated using the most popular wireless control system in the industry, Aputure's Sidus Link.

Press Kit

Download the Aputure INFINIBAR 4-Light Kit and Accessories press announcement media assets:

Meet With Aputure at Cine Gear Expo 2024

To book a press briefing and product demos with Aputure during Cine Gear 2024, please contact Leigha Dear at [email protected].

About Aputure

Founded in 2005, Aputure is the leading designer of cinema lighting hardware and software, used by millions to tell their story and communicate their creative vision. Only Aputure offers an all-in-one lighting platform that can scale from both indie content creation to the advanced needs of studio technicians. With offices through Asia, North America, Europe and South America, Aputure is an international company and team at the intersection of media and technology, where leading engineers, scientists, artists and designers work together everyday to solve the film industry's most challenging problems.

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SOURCE: Aputure

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