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AVEO and S10 Labs: A Game-Changing Partnership in Vape Technology

Wednesday, 05 June 2024 06:00 AM

AVEO Vapor Devices

AVEO and S10 Labs Announce Innovative Collaboration for Next-Gen Vape Hardware

LOS ANGELES / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2024 / AVEO, a renowned innovator in cannabis vape device technology, has teamed up with S10 Labs, experts in advanced zirconia manufacturing, to introduce a revolutionary and boundary-pushing product called the Luminous X.

AVEO Brand Premium Zirconia Vape Device
AVEO Brand Premium Zirconia Vape Device
AVEO Luminous X Zirconia Vape Hardware

The founders of Aveo have been involved in the cannabis industry since 2014. In 2018, they moved to China to take a hands-on approach with the factories that produce the hardware used around the world, enhancing quality-control standards and putting new ideas into practice under direct supervision. Their team's expertise on both sides of the Pacific has made AVEO a behind-the-scenes powerhouse, with patented techniques and components proving vital for award-winning brands throughout the industry.

Meanwhile, S10 Labs has also played a major role in modernizing the vape hardware industry through its innovative zirconia manufacturing techniques. These advancements not only reduce costs but also make high-quality vape hardware widely accessible. Now, combining S10 Labs' zirconia know-how with AVEO's ceramic core technology, the Luminous X promises to elevate the vaping experience in a way that combines the strength of both companies.

The fruit of the partnership is the Luminous X, a cutting-edge vape device blending durability with exceptional performance and flavor. "We already offer premium zirconia cartridges, but they're often out of reach for some partners," says Jonathan Carfield, founder of AVEO. "By teaming up with S10 Labs, we can now deliver the same top-tier performance at a more accessible price."

This partnership represents a shared vision for the future of vaping. By merging AVEO's engineering brilliance with S10 Labs' manufacturing prowess, the Luminous X sets a new standard for quality, performance, and affordability.

For consumers, this means premium vape technology without the high price tag. For businesses, it's a chance to offer standout products in a crowded market.

Vape enthusiasts and industry professionals: get ready to embark on this exciting journey. Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and more insights into the Luminous X as we approach its launch.

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About AVEO

AVEO is a trailblazer in the vape technology sector, focused on creating top-tier vape devices for cannabis extracts. With a history of innovation, AVEO continues to push the envelope in vape technology.

About S10 Labs

S10 Labs leads the way in advanced zirconia manufacturing, boosting production efficiency and product affordability. Our zirconia vape hardware is celebrated for its durability and excellent performance.

Contact Information

Daria Burdinskaia
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

SOURCE: AVEO Vapor Devices


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