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API'S KBI UK Celebrates Success in Locke Park Refurbishment

Thursday, 23 May 2024 07:00 AM

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp.

Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp.'s Flexi®- Pave Delivers Cleaner, Greener Play Area

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2024 / Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. (OTC PINK:AWSL), through its UK Division - KBI UK, is basking in the praise received from Barnsley Council's Park services following the transformative refurbishment of Locke Park.

The centerpiece of the project, Flexi®-Pave, has been lauded for providing a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable alternative to the previously grassed play area. The innovative surface solution was chosen to address the rapid wear and unsuitability of the former grassed area, particularly under wet conditions which rendered the picnic benches unusable.

Paul Marsh, an officer for Barnsley Council's Park Services, expressed his delight at the outcome of the project saying:

"Members of the public have contacted us and been appreciative and positive about the new Flexi®-Pave system creating a cleaner, disability friendly surface to all our park users and the area is now well used as a result."

The comprehensive project in March included SUDs (Sustainable Drainage Systems) compliant groundworks and the installation of Flexi®-Pave, marking a milestone in Locke Park's journey towards enhanced accessibility and sustainability.

This is one of the many projects KBI UK has completed for Barnsley Council's Park Services, with the aim on creating a greener environment for Barnsley.

Paul Marsh added: "What also attracted Parks Services to the Flexi®-Pave system is the Councils policy on our Carbon footprint and the Carbon offset gained by using Flexi®-Pave and the benefits that this brings to our communities."

You can read the full case study here for full information on the project.

About Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp:
Specializing in environmental technologies, Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. converts recycled tire material into sustainable infrastructure products. Its flagship product, Flexi®-Pave, known for its strength, flexibility, and porosity, is ideal for various applications, including shoreline break walls and marine projects. The company is committed to environmental stewardship, incorporating water purification technology, and exploring waste-to-energy power generation.

About Flexi®-Pave
Flexi®-Pave, harnessing the natural strength of recycled tire granules through KBI's proprietary technology, creates sustainable infrastructure construction products. Renowned for its permeability, flexibility, crack resistance, trip hazard resistance, and slip resistance, Flexi®-Pave has seen successful installations in prestigious locations such as Yellowstone National Park, Arlington National Cemetery, Red Butte Gardens (Utah), Atlanta Georgia's Iconic Beltline, and Kew Botanical Gardens (London, England).

About Next Generation Agriculture
Atlantic Power & Infrastructure's Next Generation Agriculture division focuses on innovative agricultural solutions, emphasizing sustainable practices under the "ASCOGEL" brand.

Water Purification Next Generation (WPNG)
Tackling the Global Challenge: Combatting Algae and Red Tide Infestation for Public Health

At the forefront of environmental innovation, AP&I introduces its groundbreaking solution: Algae Vessels (AVs). These innovative vessels are strategically positioned to combat harmful Algae Blooms, including the notorious Red Tide Algae, effectively addressing a serious health hazard. Operating with a zero-carbon footprint, AP&I's AVs align seamlessly with our corporate mission to contribute positively to the environment while safeguarding public health.

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SOURCE: Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp

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