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Beyond Oil Collaborates With Renowned Culinary Chef Israel Aharoni

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 07:30 AM

Beyond Oil Ltd.

VANCOUVER, BC and KIBBUTZ YIFAT, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2024 / Beyond Oil Ltd. (CSE:BOIL)(OTCQB:BEOLF) ("Beyond Oil" or the "Company"), a food-tech innovation company reducing health risks, extending the life of frying oil, reducing costs and waste, is thrilled to announce that renowned Chef Israel Aharoni has endorsed Beyond Oil's product. This endorsement follows the successful completion of our joint pilot programs, conducted over six months. Following that, Chef Aharoni became a valued customer through our exclusive distributor in Israel, Fandango Collection & Recycling Ltd.

Chef Israel Aharoni is one of Israel's leading chefs, known for his appearances on television programs such as "Gidi and Aharoni's Wonderful Journey," "MasterChef," and "Aharoni Cooks for Friends," among many others. He owns several esteemed restaurants in Israel, including Aharoni's, The Katzaviya in Shinkin, and Fried Chicken. Additionally, he writes a culinary column for Yediot Ahronot and has authored numerous cookbooks. After experimenting with Beyond Oil powder in his restaurants for over half a year, Chef Aharoni has delivered his endorsement.

"One of the key factors behind the success of our fried chicken is the integration of Beyond Oil powder, that we receive from Fandango, into our operations," said Chef Israel Aharoni. "It quickly and effectively removes impurities from the oil, resulting in exceptionally tasty food."

"We are thrilled that internationally renowned chefs like Israel Aharoni are endorsing Beyond Oil, ensuring healthier and higher-quality food for their customers," said Jonathan Or, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Oil. "We look forward to welcoming more chefs worldwide into the Beyond Oil family."

Chef Israel Aharoni's shares his testimonial on the experience of using Beyond Oil's product

Beyond Oil's Contribution to Public Health

The Problem: Reusing frying oil hundreds of times over several days with the same oil - this practice is deeply ingrained in the global food industry, occurring in restaurant kitchens, hotels, catering services, and fried food factories. There was no such solution to this problem until now, because if they change the oil every time they fry - like in home use or even once a day, the price of food would rise unreasonably.

Who is affected by the problem? This issue impacts individuals globally, transcending geographic and cultural boundaries. From an early age and throughout life, people consume fried foods, widely prepared with oil reused across various settings-provided by catering companies in kindergartens and schools, within military services, at universities, and during social gatherings such as weddings. These foods are also prevalent in hotels and restaurants and Most of the world's population buys fried food from the supermarket in the form of snacks, sweets, fried pastries and also frozen foods that have been fried in a factory and are heated at home before eating such as coated sausages, fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, spring rolls, fish sticks, Fried calamari, fried fish and more.

Such widespread and continuous exposure to reused frying oils significantly contributes to severe health conditions like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, lung problems, and obesity, affecting individuals throughout their lives.

Statistical Insight: In the Western world, approximately one in five individuals is affected by cancer, with reused frying oil posing a significant risk factor. Reusing frying oil over multiple days leads to harmful health outcomes, including an increased prevalence of certain types of cancer. Recent academic literature, along with studies by regulatory agencies like the U.S. and European health agencies, confirms a direct link between consuming oil absorbed in fried foods and elevated cancer rates. (Source 1: Impact of Repeatedly Heated Cooking Oils on Cancer Incidence - Critical Review; Source 2: Professor Oren Fruchte | Professor Nissim Garti Research Reports).

During frying, oil degradation is accelerated and harmful compounds such as Acrylamide, PAH, free radicals, Free Fatty Acids ("FFA"), Total Polar Materials ("TPM"), Metals, formation of trans fats diverging from safety standards. These compounds affect the oil's quality, leading to foaming, smoking, and a change in color, smell, and taste. The frying oil fumes contains aromatic carcinogenic components causing contributing to mortality and morbidity of customers and kitchen personnel.

Beyond Oil's Innovative Solution

Beyond Oil is a health food-tech company specializing in the health sector. Over the course of 15 years, it has developed a formula comprised of food additives that create an innovative filter powder, protected by a patent. This formula effectively absorbs degradation components from fried oil, slows down the rate of deterioration reactions, and, through a straightforward filtration process, enables the oil to be reused while preserving its quality. Beyond Oil's solution represents a significant global advancement in safeguarding the health of diners and kitchen workers in factories or restaurants that reuse the same oil over an extended period.

Beyond Oil for Enhancing Sustainability

Sustainable practices are becoming increasingly crucial in this inflationary global economy. Beyond Oil's filtration powder that extends the lifespan of fried oil, thereby contributes to environmental impacts:

  • Minimizes the environmental footprint associated with oil disposal.
  • Reduces emissions of hazardous volatile substances and decreases energy consumption in refinery plants.
  • Alleviates the burden on sewage systems and groundwater by reducing the volume of oil intended for treatment.
  • Mitigates carbon dioxide emissions to bolster the earth's natural greenhouse effect.
  • Reduces overland or maritime transportation of oils helps prevent soil contamination, air pollution from gas emissions, and ecological seas contamination.

Patent Protected: The Company also has a portfolio of registered and patent-pending solutions that extend the shelf-life of produced and used vegetable oils.

Potential Cost-Savings: One of Beyond Oil's unique value propositions is that it can dramatically lower costs for quick-service restaurants by significantly extending the useful life of the oil while meeting food quality and safety requirements. For more information on how the Beyond Oil Product extends the life of frying oil, see the Company's news release dated December 12, 2022.

Beyond Oil Permits and Accreditations: The Company received a non-objection letter from the US Food & Drug Administration ("FDA") in March 2022, on the basis that all the Beyond Oil Product ingredients meet food-grade specifications of the FDA. In May 2022, Beyond Oil received a non-objection letter from Health Canada and a National Sanitation Foundation certification. Beyond Oil is legally permitted to sell its product into the Israeli market according to the processing-aid and filtering-aid regulations.

How the Beyond Oil Product Works - Simple and effective Protocols

The Beyond Oil Product integrates into the existing filtration systems of both commercial and industrial fryers. The combination of active filtration by the powder and passive filtration by the filter and filtration machine ensures the best results by removing other degradation particles. The powder remains on the filter and creates an additional layer which provides the microfiltration benefit.

About Beyond Oil Ltd.

The integration of Beyond Oil technology in restaurant, hotels, caterers, and factories operations not only enhances public health, social responsibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the food industry. By mitigating pollution, conserving resources, and promoting responsible practices, Beyond Oil emerges as a game-changer in the pursuit of environmental stewardship within the culinary landscape. For more information, visit our website at:


Jonathan Or
CEO and Co-founder
[email protected]

Caroline Sawamoto
Investor Relations
[email protected]

Forward Looking Statement and Information

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SOURCE: Beyond Oil Ltd

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