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The Olson Company and Rose Institute Host 2nd Annual Housing Policy Symposium at Claremont McKenna College

Thursday, 09 May 2024 06:55 PM

Olson Homes

The Olson Company and Rose Institute's 2nd Annual Housing Policy Symposium at Claremont McKenna College brings together policymakers, community leaders, and stakeholders to tackle California's housing crisis. With insights from state representatives and innovative local initiatives, the event emphasizes collaboration, urgency, and innovative solutions to address the pressing challenges of affordability and housing production.

SEAL BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2024 / The Olson Company, a leading residential developer committed to addressing California's housing crisis, successfully hosted its 2nd Annual Housing Policy Symposium at Claremont McKenna College on Friday, April 26th. The symposium, co-hosted by Claremont McKenna's Rose Institute of State and Local Government and former California Governor Gray Davis, brought together key stakeholders, policymakers, and community leaders to discuss innovative solutions to the state's pressing housing challenges.

Panel at 2nd Annual Housing Policy Symposium
Panel at 2nd Annual Housing Policy Symposium
Panel discussion at the 2nd Annual Housing Policy Symposium hosted by The Olson Company and the Rose Institute

The event commenced with opening remarks from Governor Gray Davis, the 37th governor of California, and L.A. County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, renowned for her tireless work on housing issues at both the state and local levels. Governor Davis highlighted the critical need to address housing shortages, praising individuals like Scott Laurie and Steve Olson for their dedication to the housing sector. Supervisor Mitchell's impassioned speech underscored the dire need for solutions that address the diverse housing needs of Angelenos, drawing from her personal experiences to emphasize the profound impact of housing decisions on individuals and communities. She states, "The projections suggest that the need across L.A. County is 800,000 housing units across all income levels. … I hope you all will be mindful of your own stories as we lock arms to figure out how we close this huge delta around housing availability for Angelenos across our region."

Insights from the Rose Institute Long Beach Study, conducted in collaboration with The Olson Company, provided valuable data and analysis on Long Beach's housing landscape. The comprehensive study delved into the efficacy of recent state laws to address housing affordability and production, offering vital insights into the challenges and opportunities facing local communities. Key findings highlighted successes and challenges associated with housing legislation categories such as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), permit streamlining laws, and the density bonus, shedding light on their impact on housing production and affordability in the City of Long Beach.

Secretary of California's Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency Tomiquia Moss emphasized, "Affordability is the greatest crisis facing California. ... At the core of affordability is the lack of supply."

Panel discussions featured representatives from various Southern California cities, sharing insights into innovative approaches to increasing affordable housing stock and addressing regulatory barriers to housing production. Participants highlighted successful community partnerships and innovative approaches to streamlining the housing development process.

The conversation underscored the urgency of addressing California's housing shortage and the need for proactive measures to increase housing production. Despite challenges, there was optimism about the state's ability to meet this housing challenge, driven by changes in policy and political leaders' commitment to prioritize housing issues.

An engaging panel with state representatives delved into progress in addressing homelessness and housing affordability in California. Assemblymembers Sharon Quirk-Silva and Buffy Wicks discussed challenges and solutions from a legislative perspective, stressing the importance of creating uniformity around permitting and streamlining processes to remove barriers to housing production. They also mentioned the need for ongoing funding for affordable housing and the impact of recent legislative measures, such as SB 9, which allows for the construction of duplexes and subdivision of residential lots for housing.

Jason Elliot, Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Newsom, expressed positivity about finding solutions, stating, "I think all the ingredients are now in the pot, and our job is to stir. ... I am really optimistic."

In conclusion, the symposium highlighted the multifaceted nature of California's housing challenges and underscored the importance of collaboration, innovation, and community engagement in finding sustainable solutions. Scott Laurie, President and CEO of The Olson Company, emphasized the pressing need for action and collaboration in addressing California's housing crisis, advocating for increased housing development to enhance affordability.

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