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Squeezee: Community Commerce Platform Launches at San José State University, Redefining College Shopping Experience

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 09:00 AM

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2024 / Squeezee App is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated app on April 23, 2024. With this milestone, Squeezee is set to revolutionize the college shopping experience by offering a convenient, cost-effective solution tailored to students' unique needs.

The launch marks a significant step forward for Squeezee App as it expands its reach to Android users, in addition to its existing availability on iOS platforms. The initial deployment will commence at San José State University (SJSU), laying the foundation for a new approach to campus shopping.

As part of its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of college students, the Squeezee App is introducing expanded product categories, including beauty products and instant foods. These additions reflect Squeezee's dedication to offering a comprehensive range of essentials, ensuring students can conveniently access everything they need in one place.

As part of its commitment to fostering community engagement, Squeezee is rolling out its "Give Five, Get Five" referral program that offers a $5 credit to both the referrer and the referee. This limited-time offer for the first 50 sign-ups incentivizes students to invite their peers to join the platform, reinforcing the sense of community and camaraderie.

"Our product is designed at a very affordable price compared to any of the platforms available nearby. So you're already getting a huge deal from us. I want users to understand that our platform is crafted with their long-term sustainability in mind," says Co-founder and CEO Shiv Shankar.

On-campus delivery is just one of the many features that enhance Squeezee's accessibility. By bringing essential items directly to students' doorsteps, Squeezee eliminates the need for students to navigate public transportation or find time in their busy schedules to visit stores off-campus.

Additionally, Squeezee's stringent college ID verification process ensures that only verified students can access the platform, creating a secure and trusted community environment where students can shop confidently.

Squeezee operates independently from university-affiliated stores, positioning itself as a complementary service that enhances the student experience. By offering competitive pricing, convenience, and a sense of community, Squeezee aims to become the go-to destination for college shopping.

"Squeezee is not just another shopping app; it's innovative community commerce. You can only save when you shop with the people you hang around with or the people on your campus that perhaps you haven't met yet, " Shiv continues, "This is another way where your connection meets your purchase. You'll meet new people on campus just because you're shopping together."

As the launch date approaches, Squeezee invites students to join the community and experience the future of college shopping. Download the Squeezee app today and unlock exclusive savings while connecting with your fellow students.

About Squeezee:

Squeezee App is a community commerce platform designed exclusively for college students, offering a convenient, cost-effective solution for campus shopping. By fostering a culture of collaboration and shared purchasing, Squeezee aims to redefine the college shopping experience, making it more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for students. For more information, visit

Contact Information:

Company: Squeezee App
Address: 2445 Augustine Dr., Suite 150, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 415-216-0366
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Squeezee App

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