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Amassing Investment Launches AI-Driven Educational Platform for Retail Investors

Thursday, 18 April 2024 04:40 PM

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2024 / Amassing Investment, which simplifies complex financial research, has unveiled its AI-powered, comprehensive educational platform for retail investors and institutions around the globe. Users can now achieve clarity about the investment process by accessing quality research, including probabilistic technical analysis, macroeconomic overviews, the latest investor data, and more.

Image: Leveraging AI to Streamline Trading and Investment Strategies

Amassing Investment launches at a time when the investment world is becoming more complex. The individual investor must navigate the market's maze of ever-changing data, a task made more difficult by the lack of accessible, practical research tools. As a result, retail investors may feel hindered when making decisions.

The mission of Amassing Investment is to democratize investment knowledge by giving retail investors the opportunity to access the same level of information as institutional investors. Through its state-of-the-art platform, the company has created an online financial hub that provides retail investors with a holistic financial education. Retail investors can access digestible financial data that is sophisticated and powered by advancements in AI and machine learning.

Image: Portraying the Struggles of a Retail Investor

The Founder/CEO of Amassing Investment, Abdullah Siddique, states that it has long been the dream of his team to help retail investors by blending comprehensive financial education with the sophistication of AI. "At Amassing Investment, we believe everyone should enjoy easy access to traditional financial concepts and stocks research, knowledge normally held only by professionals," he says. "We are excited to eliminate that barrier by providing retail investors with our tools, which we hope will help them to confidently navigate the complex world of investments."

Amassing Investment's new services and features for investors include:

Free Holistic Financial Education: Covers complex financial concepts, such as investor psychology, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Relative Valuation, financial statement interpretation, and the intricacies of financial ratios

Probabilistic Technical Analysis: Combines analysis techniques with probabilistic methods, with the goal of empowering investors to make insightful decisions backed by statistics

Comprehensive Reports: Offers detailed reports on individual stocks, sectors, and industries as well as macroeconomic overviews

AI-Powered Screener: Gives users the ability to sift through stocks to identify those that match their specific criteria set

Checklist: Facilitates the systematic evaluation of investment opportunities

AI Portfolio Builder & Manager: Crafts and oversees portfolios in alignment with individual risk appetites and investment goals

"Our financial hub also provides a rich database of over 10MM reports spanning 20 years and empowers investors with tools for DCF valuation, relative valuation, industry analysis, probabilistic technical analysis, and advanced screeners," says Siddique. "We are thrilled to provide retail investors with an easy-to-use platform that answers all of their questions and does not compromise on data quality or features."

Image: Infographic Detailing the Features

In 2024, Amassing Investment will focus on evolving its platform even further, including launching new ML tools and deepening its content for investors. It remains committed to becoming the global leader in AI-powered stock research and financial education, being an ally for the retail investor, and providing high-quality knowledge and insights that are no longer the sole preserve of professionals.

About Amassing Investment

Amassing Investment and its platform are empowering retail investors with comprehensive financial education, advanced AI tools, and premium research. To learn more about Amassing Investment and its mission to give individual investors and institutions access to professional-level knowledge, please visit its website or contact:

Abdullah Siddique, CEO of Amassing Investment

[email protected]

SOURCE: Amassing Investment

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