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Remembering Lahaina With Metaphorical Realist Vladimir Kush

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 05:00 PM

Kush Fine Art

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2024 / World-renowned artist Vladimir Kush releases two artworks never shown before as a part of his series titled "Remembering Lahaina". These very limited-edition prints: "Front Street" (17"x27") and "Lahaina Harbor" (20"x23") are only available in his own chain of art galleries Kush Fine Art and at

Front Street
Front Street

In the year 2001, Vladimir Kush, with the encouragement of his father Oleg Kush, opened the doors to the first Kush Fine Art Gallery in Lahaina, HI, establishing what is known today as a successful and recognized chain of art galleries, encompassing various genres of art unified with the same metaphorical concept.

The Artist had already discovered the serene scenery of Maui, ten years prior. During this period of time, he painted quite a few views of Lahaina in "plein air", enchanted by the vivid colors of the tropical landscape, without using any photography.

For 23 years he kept these artworks archived in the "artist's vault", as a memory and as a reminder of the beginning of his journey before he created his own style, which we know as Metaphorical Realism. These limited-edition prints are an homage to the historical town of Lahaina and to everyone who walked into Kush Fine Art in Lahaina throughout the last 22 years.

Visitors from all over the globe discovered Metaphorical Realism for the first time in Maui, and those memories will never be forgotten. For many, Kush's art will always be a connection to Lahaina and Maui. His gallery was a very important part of Lahaina, almost a landmark and a "must-see". At the same time, this historic and magical town will always be a very important part of Kush's journey and history. This is a very unique opportunity to travel back in time to what Lahaina looked like through the eyes of the Artist, and to remember this town with a very special collection of artworks.

When you visit Kush Fine Art galleries in Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, and Miami Beach, you will be served with warmth and an eye for your unique style as you seek the perfect piece to add to your collection. For more information contact [email protected] and follow Kush on Instagram, Facebook, X (twitter), and YouTube.

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