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Open Automation Software Unveils Groundbreaking Sparkplug B Interface for Unprecedented Integration and Communication Capabilities

Tuesday, 20 February 2024 10:55 PM

Open Automation Software

LAKEWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2024 / Open Automation Software (OAS) is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: a cutting-edge Sparkplug B interface designed to redefine the standards of integration and communication within the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. This strategic update to the OAS platform signifies a pivotal advancement in the way industries connect, monitor, and manage their operational data across diverse systems and devices.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Ken Eldridge, OAS has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation, dedicated to providing robust and scalable solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of industrial automation. The introduction of the Sparkplug B interface is a testament to OAS's commitment to enhancing interoperability and data coherence in industrial IoT ecosystems.

Seamless Integration Across Diverse Systems

The Sparkplug B protocol, known for its ability to standardize MQTT data transport, is now fully integrated into the OAS platform, offering users a seamless and unified approach to managing their IoT devices and data streams. This interface empowers OAS users to achieve bi-directional communication with all tags in the OAS Engine, utilizing a variety of Sparkplug B identifiers. This level of integration facilitates a more cohesive and efficient operational environment, enabling industries to leverage real-time data for informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Support for a Wide Range of Data Sources

OAS's Sparkplug B interface supports an extensive array of data sources, including industry-leading PLCs such as Allen Bradley, Siemens S7, and Modbus, as well as OPC UA, OPC DA, MTConnect, and more. This comprehensive compatibility ensures that businesses can effortlessly connect and manage their diverse devices and data systems, fostering a more connected and efficient industrial landscape.

Advanced Bi-Directional Communication Capabilities

With the Sparkplug B interface, OAS introduces advanced bi-directional communication features that allow for not only the monitoring of data but also the control of IoT devices directly from the OAS platform. This capability is essential for industries that require dynamic and responsive control environments, where data from IoT devices can be immediately acted upon to optimize processes and ensure operational continuity.

Enhanced Connectivity with Third-Party MQTT Brokers

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in IoT deployments, OAS's Sparkplug B interface is designed to connect with any third-party MQTT Broker that supports MQTT V3.11 or V5.0. This open approach to connectivity ensures that businesses can choose the best tools for their specific needs, without being locked into a single vendor or ecosystem.

Empowering Users with Comprehensive Guides and Resources

To ensure that users can fully leverage the new Sparkplug B interface, OAS provides detailed guides and resources, including step-by-step instructions for setting up Sparkplug B communications. These resources are designed to empower users, regardless of their technical expertise, to implement and benefit from the advanced capabilities of the OAS platform.

About Open Automation Software

Open Automation Software, based in Lakewood, Colorado, is a leading provider of industrial automation software solutions, with a commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence. For over two decades, OAS has been dedicated to empowering businesses worldwide with the tools and insights needed to optimize their operations and drive growth.

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Country: United States

SOURCE: Open Automation Software

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