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Multifamily Price-Fixing: The Solution to Poorly Designed Revenue-Only Algorithms

Monday, 12 February 2024 12:50 PM


Multifamily Price-fixing: The solution to poorly designed revenue-only Algorithms

TUCSON, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2024 / Given the potential liability multifamily landlords face from the DOJ, Congress, and state Attorneys-general, we believe managers have a fiduciary responsibility to consider other revenue management technology. We think your investors would agree.

We designed our technology to help multifamily landlords maximize rental pricing in a manner superior to revenue management yet legal under the Sherman Antitrust Act and "fair competition."

In one step, F9Analytics realAccretive software can deliver superior economic pricing and eliminate future liability.

The software is available to multifamily landlords today at:

To schedule a demonstration for your company, visit:

Why is Enterprise Profit Management superior to Traditional Revenue Management?

By designing its algorithms to focus on profits, we have accomplished two important goals:

  1. It outperforms revenue management because its pricing results follow a textbook economic approach to maximizing profits; that is, identifying where marginal revenue equals marginal costs. An approach that is fundamentally superior to "revenue only" and accretive to a company's enterprise value.
  2. Its pricing algorithms are intrinsically legal under the Sherman Antitrust Act because pricing will vary and thus be competitive simply due to the inclusion of costs.

How does this software differentiate itself from other's shortfalls?

  1. Empowers apartment managers who have a vested economic interest and knowledge of their properties to determine unit level prices, not third-party pricing managers.
  2. Private and Proprietary company rent and expense information stays private and is not shared with any third-party or competitor.
  3. Junk-In, Junk-Out Thesis intentionally limits the data inputs to those sources that either have a vested economic interest or provide a consistent and stringent data methodology, namely the Federal Reserve, not an uninterested data broker.
  4. Modeling Choice provides freedom to choose different models to experiment with pricing and identify those models that have the best fit, rather than no choice whatsoever.
  5. Decision Making is not outsourced to uninterested third parties; the software, pricing analytics, and ultimate decision making resides squarely with the company in-house.

About F9Analytics

At F9Analytics, our long-term vision to empower investors with superior pricing technologies that transform older operating paradigms into a dynamic model for performance has taken form. Our commitment to research and development in real estate price management has synthesized into the solutions we envisioned - ready to empower real estate companies with the necessary algorithms to leverage price to generate excess returns - be it in commercial or multi-family residential.


John J. Cona
Chief Executive Officer
+1 (213) 444-1678

SOURCE: F9Analytics

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