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Zeal TN Inc. Mobilizes for Tornado Relief Efforts in Clarksville, TN

Tuesday, 02 January 2024 12:15 PM

CLARKSVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / January 2, 2024 In the wake of the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Tennessee, Zeal TN Inc., a Nashville-based marketing firm, has announced a mobilization of resources to aid in the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

The series of tornadoes struck in over a dozen Tennessee counties, causing significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. An estimated 13 tornadoes touched down in the state, with the strongest one, an EF-3, hitting Clarksville. Several communities are in urgent need of assistance, with thousands still without power as of Monday night. Governor Bill Lee has issued a "Level 3" state of emergency declaration for the entire state as he continues to tour the hardest-hit areas.

In the Clarksville area alone, six deaths were attributed to the storms, with an additional 83 injured patients recovering in area hospitals. In response, Zeal TN Inc. is coordinating with a local organization to provide support to those affected.

Zeal TN Inc. is contributing 500 hygiene kits with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, chapstick, etc. to the Clarksville-based YaiPak Outreach organization. They will assist with the distribution of these resources throughout the Clarksville area.

Teams from Zeal TN. Inc also wrapped presents at Governor's Square Mall in Clarksville, an area that was greatly affected by damage from the tornadoes.

As Clarksville begins the journey to recovery, Zeal TN Inc. emphasizes the importance of community support and unity. "In times like these, we must come together to support those in need," says Kim Fischer of Zeal. "Our hearts go out to the people of Clarksville, and we know that the Volunteer State will step up to help our communities recover and rebuild."

In the coming weeks, Zeal TN Inc. plans to assist with long-term recovery efforts wherever possible.

For more information about Zeal TN Inc.'s relief efforts in Clarksville and how you can contribute, please visit our website.


Zeal TN Inc. is a dedicated collaborator with charitable organizations, striving to empower the next generation toward a brighter and healthier future. With a team of ambassadors, Zeal TN Inc. utilizes its passion, knowledge, and outgoingness to make a significant impact in the charity organizations it works with.

Contact Information:

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Nashville, TN 37217
+1 615-762-9385

Zeal TN Inc's team wraps presents at Governor's Square Mall in Clarksville
Zeal TN Inc's team distributes hygiene kits to YaiPak Outreach

SOURCE: Zeal TN. Inc.

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