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Impact Fusion International Inc. Implements Hybrid Research Model to Accelerate Testing and Research of its SGP+(TM) Brand

Tuesday, 07 March 2023 10:05 AM

Impact Fusion International Inc.

NAPOLEONVILLE, LA / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2023 / (OTC PINK:IFUS) The challenge facing Impact Fusion's path to attaining our goal of having SGP+™ accepted as a widely utilized, high-performing supplement for beef and dairy cattle is to simplify the information gathered by hands-on ranchers, dairymen, and scientists.

SGP+™ is a technology supported by a product line that, when mixed with the specific ration of any given rancher or dairyman, has shown to produce incredible results. Ration mixing and ration management, as determined by manure scoring, provides guidance as to how much SGP+™ should be mixed with a rancher's or dairyman's ration to achieve herd performance. Working in tandem with ranchers and dairymen, our scientific team strives daily to better demonstrate the impact SGP+™ has on the health and well-being of the herds which includes environmental compliance. We, then, have a multi-tiered approach to conducting the requisite studies geared towards product, service, and sales, while doing more advanced scientific studies to confirm the results discovered at the grass roots level.

Currently, these studies are being conducted under the close supervision of the IFUS scientific team and follow established and accepted testing protocols.

Concurrently, the Company is assessing which universities and private research institutes will be chosen to conduct deeper and more complex studies. Since the Company applied for a grant from the U.S.D.A., it has learned that if the grant were to be approved, the U.S.D.A. required in excess of 60% of any funding awarded to be spent on internal company expenses. That requirement would have left less than 30% for testing from outside, objective third-parties such as Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. Hence, the funding would have proved woefully inadequate for critical testing to further understand the positive impacts being reported by ranchers and dairymen.

Also, that particular study would have been limited to "Carbon and Nitrogen Reduction on Beef Heifers Interpolated into Nutritional Effectiveness." Our studies address the environmental crisis impacting present-day beef and dairy herds through a reduction in Carbon-load from excessive respiration and waste elimination. However, the broader focus targets improved digestion and absorption in a healthier herd, while reducing food and supplement quantities including the need for antibiotics all the while significantly reducing feeding costs. Environmental compliance is a result of dealing with the root cause of the problem rather than the symptom.

Marc Walther, CEO, stated: "Following the submission of its application for a grant and subsequent requests for more information, we learned that the U.S.D.A would have not allowed adequate funding for external third-party testing. It is our opinion that on-going testing is essential to continue to validate our proprietary technology.Hence, outside investment was sought and successfully secured to conduct said testing. Additionally, where available, we will continue our independent pursuit of grants directed to small businesses as well as Angel Investment while continuing our independent testing.

"We have developed a multi-tiered approach to conducting basic science geared towards product, service and sales, while doing more advanced scientific studies. I have personally visited ranches currently feeding their herds our SGP+™ brand and witnessed first-hand the immediate acceptance by both cattle and goats. Currently we have research projects being conducted at two large ranches located in Texas and Louisiana, with more being currently added. The results to date are incredibly encouraging." Marc Walther, CEO, stated.

If you are a rancher or dairyman and wish to participate in our research project please contact the Company by email at [email protected] or call 1-800-775-4130

Please visit our website at for more information about our proprietary formula Nutri-Mastic™.

About Impact Fusion International Inc.

Impact Fusion International, Inc. is in the business of marketing products in the "Health and Wellness" sector of all international markets. It is the company's mission to invent, develop and market these proprietary products worldwide for the health and well-being of humans and animals.

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Updates can be found at the official Impact Fusion Twitter account @impactfusionl


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SOURCE: Impact Fusion International Inc.

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