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Network to Code Launches Fast Track Solutions Catalog to Accelerate the Adoption of Network Automation

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 9:00 AM
Network to Code

NTC's Prebuilt Network Automation Solutions Enable Enterprises to Capture Millions in Lost Time and Value.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2023 / Network to Code, the global leader in Network Automation services and solutions, announced today the launch of its new catalog of Fast Track Solutions designed to jump-start specific network automation use cases. This new catalog allows enterprises to easily begin automating their networks, starting with the most critical areas to their business processes.

Reliance on human-led, manual network maintenance comes at a significant cost to organizations. Not only are manual tactics too slow and inefficient to address the needs of a modern enterprise, but the manual mode of network management is also riddled with daily opportunities for human-made errors that lead to outages and performance issues.

Industry studies show that between 40 and 80 percent of network failures are the result of human error and estimate that over time, mistakes and errors in repeatable manual tasks cost organizations thousands of hours and millions in lost profits annually.

"Fast Track Solutions are solutions that are tried-and-true, have been deployed numerous times into production environments, and are rooted in a NetDevOps and data-driven approach to network automation," said Mark Pavlick, SVP Services of Network to Code. "Customers want choice and flexibility, and our Fast Track Solutions provide the ability for customers to have solutions tailored to their requirements and deployment patterns. We're excited to now offer our Fast Track Solutions catalog that addresses common network needs and accelerates network automation."

The NTC FTS Catalog consists of five major solution categories:

  • Configuration Management: Solutions designed to ensure networks operate in a highly predictable, scalable, and reliable manner.
  • Network Planning & Design: Solutions that enable engineers to design the network once and then pass the instantiation and implementation of networks to others.
  • Network Operations: Solutions comparable to having your most reliable and efficient engineers available around the clock without interruption.
  • Cloud Networking: Solutions designed to ensure hybrid- and multi-cloud networks are managed with a consistent and data-driven approach to network automation.
  • Security & Compliance: Solutions that make it possible to guarantee compliance with industry standards and best practices.

Within each of these categories, there are numerous specific Fast Track Solutions that can be deployed individually to solve one use case, or together to create real transformation through network automation.

"With the introduction of Fast Track Solutions, we've accelerated customer deployment times by 30 to 40 percent," said Ken Celenza, VP Architecture of Network to Code. "Fast Track Solutions represent the most common use cases and challenges network organizations are facing today and give enterprises the head start on their network automation journey. We're excited with the launch, but it is truly just the beginning."

Contact Network to Code to learn more about why NetDevOps and data-driven Fast Track Solutions can be the foundation of your network automation journey. Or download the latest ebook, Accelerating NetDevOps Network Automation with NTC's Prebuilt Fast Track Solution Catalog.

About Network to Code:

Network to Code is a network automation services and solutions provider that helps companies transform the way their networks are deployed, managed, and consumed. Through managed and professional services, Network to Code enables enterprises across all industries and geographies to deploy data-driven network automation based on NetDevOps principles to improve reliability, efficiency, and security while reducing costs.

NTC is the sponsor of Nautobot, an open source Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform with a growing ecosystem of integrations and partners. Nautobot is the leading Network Source of Truth for Enterprises looking to adopt a data-driven approach to network automation and a platform that complements any network automation journey.

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