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Mobility Insight (MOBI) announces the Intelligent Mobility Center in Orlando's Lake Nona

Thursday, January 5, 2023 2:00 PM
Mobility Insight

New Center Will Change the Way Artificial Intelligence is Applied to Urban Mobility

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2023 / At this year's 2022 AASHTO Annual Meeting, Mobility Insight (MOBI) announced the establishment of the Intelligent Mobility Center. This is hybrid physical and cloud-based experience will be a destination for advanced mobility insights demonstrating how next-gen technology can shape the future of mobility. The physical experience center will be located in Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida. The virtual experience will be available anywhere with an Internet connection and on multiple devices.

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MOBI is a thought leader in the practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to urban traffic. Recognizing that a smart mobility revolution is underway, and that practical knowledge transfer is essential to fuel the revolution, MOBI has developed the Intelligent Mobility Center (IMC) concept.

"MOBI is developing next-generation fully operational traffic management as a service," said Dov Ganor,

MOBI CEO and co-founder. "Managing and operating traffic management centers is a huge job that can have a deep impact on the quality of life within a smart city or region. Managers and operators must define the best responses to changing operating conditions and their decisions affect traffic, transportation, and mobility of the entire region. They need more than the basics they need the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Decision Support that MOBI TMaaS can provide."

The IMC will be a destination for advanced mobility insights offering an interactive environment where practitioners and policymakers can learn firsthand how advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools can be applied to deliver better urban traffic management and polices. The IMC experience center will be a place where the public can learn more about how we are shaping our urban environments with new technologies and policies.

"The IMC offers a state-of-the-art multiscale and multimodal simulation environment that closely imitates reality for designing and testing urban mobility scenarios that the city or regional scale," said Dr. Bat-Hen Nahmias-Biran, MOBI ESG and IMC Director. "It considers land use, transportation, and communication network along with individual decisions at different levels of resolution. We can evaluate network performance measures such as congestion, travel time, energy consumption, and emission changes. Instead of implementing policy and examining the consequences after the implementation, we can try many scenarios and perform sensitivity analysis in the simulation environment."

Within in the IMC, collaborative partners including the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Engineering and Computer Science and Ariel University can conduct mobility research and use AI applications together with MOBI and other partners.

"The University of Central Florida is delighted to be a partner in the Intelligent Mobility Center initiative, said Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, P.E., F.ASCE, F.ITE, UCF Deputy Director, Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation. "We believe that the successful application of advanced technology to transportation requires effective knowledge transfer and availability of practical learning opportunities. The Intelligent Mobility Center provides opportunities for hands-on learning and knowledge transfer."

Lake Nona, a hub of mobility innovation, is an ideal destination to establish the Intelligent Mobility Center. The community is home to the country's largest and longest-running autonomous vehicle fleet among other mobility options.

"Lake Nona is a living lab where ideas become realities," said Juan Santos, Lake Nona SVP Brand Experience and Innovation. "The IMC advances this idea by providing detailed simulation and scenarios that help us shape Lake Nona's urban environment which is home to multimodal mobility solutions including autonomous shuttles, next-gen electric vehicles, and beyond."

Beyond its physical presence in Lake Nona, the IMC will also serve as the focus point for an online network that will enable knowledge transfer using multiple delivery channels in multiple devices. Interactive online training content will be provided using the latest in immersive learning techniques, guided by instructional system design.

In addition to providing access to the latest technology-driven management and decision-support tools, the IMC will also enable practitioners to develop a practical understanding of the use of probe vehicle data, location intelligence, and other big data sources, within a unified data set to support better management and decision-making. The Intelligent Mobility Center is enabled by a partnership including the University of Central Florida, Ariel University Israel, Lake Nona, and MOBI.

About MOBI

MOBI is a though leader in applying advanced decision support techniques to urban traffic management. MOBI offers smart cities a turnkey bankable SaaS solution addressing the problem of traffic congestion. Mobi's system covers the full operational cycle from data fusion to traffic plan automation - by using artificial intelligence, predictive simulations and IoT with connected-vehicle technology, it enables policy makers, transportation planners and traffic controllers to pinpoint bottleneck emergence, disseminate traffic load buildup and preempt gridlocks. Mobility situational awareness, real time actionable insights and adaptive traffic network management provide the smart city key to unlock the grid.

About Lake Nona

Planned and developed by the Tavistock Group, Lake Nona is one of the fastest growing and most innovative communities in America. Located in Orlando, Florida, the 17-square-mile community has established a new standard of living for its residents with groundbreaking initiatives around technology, mobility, and wellbeing. Lake Nona is located contiguous to Orlando International Airport in the most visited destination in the U.S. The smart and connected community's advanced infrastructure and commitment to collaboration has drawn visionary companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe to join its living lab environment accelerating economic growth and opportunity across health and life sciences, education, hospitality, and sports and performance. Lake Nona's attractive business ecosystem is enhanced by a thriving cultural landscape defined by iconic architecture and engaging public art installations, miles of trails and walkable green spaces, weekly signature events, shopping, dining, and entertainment options set amongst Central Florida's beautiful natural landscape and year-round sunshine.

For more information, visit

About the University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is a metropolitan research university built to make a better future for our students and society. We solve tomorrow's greatest challenges through a commitment to academic, inclusive, and operational excellence. Leveraging innovative learning, discovery, and partnerships, we foster social mobility while developing the skilled talent needed to advance industry for our region, state and beyond.

About Ariel University

Ariel University is proud to be Israel's newest research university and prides itself on a strong emphasis on life science and engineering research to meet the needs of Israel's hi-tech industries. Ariel University aspires to be at the forefront of innovative research in order to advance Israel's economic and social development, drawing on the immense potential of the Israeli people

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