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Shen Yun: A Celebration of Authentic Chinese Culture

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 4:00 PM
Shen Yun

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2022 / China was once known as "The Land of the Divine." For 5,000 years, the people sought harmony among Heaven, Earth, and humankind, and lived following the course of nature. But over the past decades, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has treated this spiritual heritage as an ideological threat to its rule. Through campaigns such as the Cultural Revolution, it has systematically uprooted traditional beliefs and destroyed ancient treasures, bringing 5,000 years of civilization to the brink of extinction. Although the CCP has disrupted the narrative of ancient Chinese culture, there is one group that is ensuring this heritage lives on across the world. This organization is called Shen Yun, a group of classical Chinese artists who came together in New York with a mission to revive the traditional, divinely inspired culture of China and share it with the world.

Shen Yun has created a performance that cannot be seen anywhere in China today. The show displays authentic Chinese culture uniquely through dance, music, and elaborate costumes. Below, are the different ways Shen Yun eloquently brings the majesty of ancient Chinese culture to the present.

Classical Chinese Dance and Music

Shen Yun displays traditional Chinese culture through a myriad of ways, and one is through its classical dance and music.

Classical Chinese dance dates back thousands of years. Dynasty after dynasty, it was enriched and refined, becoming one of the world's most comprehensive dance systems.

In China today, dance is regularly mixed with military or modern dance styles to the point where many of the traditional dance elements have been lost. Only Shen Yun performs classical Chinese dance in its purest form, preserving its traditional aesthetic the way it was originally passed down. This dance form is unique as it has its own training in basic movements, leaps, spins and other difficult tumbling techniques. Additionally, Shen Yun incorporates traditional Bel Canto, a technique that is often referred to as a "lost art."

To complement the authentic visuals and movements of dancers, Shen Yun performs with a live orchestra that permanently combines classical Western and Eastern instruments. Ancient Chinese instruments, such as the soul-stirring erhu and the delicate pipa, lead the melody on top of a full orchestra of Western strings, percussion, woodwinds and brass.

Traditional Costumes and Colors

One of the audience's favorite features of Shen Yun is the colorful and traditional costumes. Legend has it that ancient Chinese clothing was inspired by the attire worn in the heavens. Shen Yun's costumes bring back the styles of China's different dynasties, regions, and ethnic groups.

"And the costumes, what we call spectacle in the theater, is just astounding," says Tom Barnes, an audience member from a Jacksonville, FL show. "If you just came to hear the orchestra, it would be plenty. But they add everything else to it so that you get the visuals. The color, the color combinations, the palette, the hues of everything are just gorgeous."

Innovative Stage Presence

Lastly, but not least, Shen Yun's talent isn't the only aspect that draws in ancient Chinese culture. The staging and innovative 3D projection makes the entire performance come to life. Be it lighting, sound, or stage design, Shen Yun uses traditional artistic techniques. Every part of the production exists to support and direct attention to the remarkable performers. You will hear the orchestra's most natural sound, and see the dancers light up the stage. The result is a performance in perfect synch.

To learn more about Shen Yun and its immaculate show displaying traditional Chinese culture, click here.


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