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EMulate Therapeutics Announces Positive, Confirmatory Pre-Clinical Data for its ulRFE(R) Technology Targeting Acute and Chronic Pain; Excellent Pain Reducing Effects Without the Use of Chemicals or Drugs

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:00 AM

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2021 / EMulate Therapeutics, Inc. (EMulate) announced today the results of a confirmatory pain study for selected therapeutic pain management signals derived from its novel and proprietary technology utilizing Radio Frequency Energy (RFE) targeted at the ultra-low end of the RFE spectrum (ulRFE®). These signals were tested at ANS Biotech SA in Riom, France, an independent Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in proven preclinical pain models, as part of EMulate's scientific and business strategy to expand its ulRFE® technology beyond the oncology market.

EMulate and ANS's analysis, using ANS's ALGOGram™ screen, discovered that EMulate's fentanyl, hydromorphone, CBD, dexamethasone, naproxen and indomethacin signals showed pain inhibition effects. The recent confirmatory studies done at the ANS labs were powered to detect statistically significant activity in these pain models. With these latest confirmatory assays, EMulate is ready to proceed with safety trials and human exposure in several categories of pain management and inhibition studies.

The ANS Biotech assays tested five different pain models (acute, tonic, neuropathic, inflammatory and visceral). In the assays, three selected signals showed excellent pain‑reducing effects. In the case of two of those signals, the effects measured were equivalent to or better than the effects of the physical reference drugs (gold standards). No adverse events or toxicities were noted or observed in these assays.

EMulate Therapeutics Inc, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, Press release picture

"These results are an exciting pivotal point for EMulate as we continue to develop, optimize and expand our technology's use and value," stated Chris Rivera, EMulate's President and CEO. "These data suggest that Radio Frequency Energy (RFE), focused at the ultra-low end of the energy spectrum (ulRFE) may be able to provide beneficial clinical effects without the use of chemicals or drugs, which could be a game changer for many people suffering from acute or chronic pain, and other physical maladies."

"These latest results confirm the effects we saw in the earlier ANS screens and provide us with clear evidence that our signals can and do reduce pain sensation in inflammatory, neuropathic and visceral models. I am excited to proceed into clinical trials and demonstrate the ability of EMulate signals to alleviate pain in humans and companion animals, potentially with similar or better efficacy and without the side effects of opioids and other pain relievers that afflict millions of patients," stated Dr. Xavier Figueroa, Vice President, Preclinical Development.

About ANS Biotech

ANS Biotech is an independent preclinical CRO specializing in the pharmacology of pain. It supports the research and development efforts of companies developing drug candidates in the field of human and animal health as well as nutrition. ANS Biotech offers consulting services and scientific studies based on clinically relevant in vivo models for the study of promising molecules in the treatment of neuropathic, visceral, inflammatory, post-operative and cancer-related pain. In addition, ANS Biotech created ALGOGram™, a unique proprietary in vivo screening platform enabling rapid and cost-effective exploration of the analgesic efficacy of any type of product in a broad range of indications.

About EMulate Therapeutics

EMulate Therapeutics is a clinical stage company utilizing its proprietary ulRFE technology to provide safe and effective therapeutic benefits. The company has generated encouraging data in patients afflicted with glioblastoma and diffuse midline glioma. It has also generated encouraging preclinical data in pain and mental health models, as well as in animal health and bio-agriculture. EMulate Therapeutics is also the licensor of its proprietary technology to its subsidiary, Hapbee Technologies, Inc. (HAPB:TSVX). Hapbee is a commercial stage consumer technology company.

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David Matteson
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SOURCE: EMulate Therapeutics Inc.

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