The Power Of Credit Repair From Business Owner And Mortgage Loan Officer Collin Simpson
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The Power Of Credit Repair From Business Owner And Mortgage Loan Officer Collin Simpson

Thursday, September 23, 2021 12:00 PM
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180 Degree Financial

CHANDLER, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2021 / Good credit means lower interest rates, a better chance for credit card and loan approval and easier approval for rental apartments and houses.

For business owner and mortgage loan officer Collin Simpson, repairing his credit brought him from experiencing homelessness to being a proud homeowner (with good credit).

It wasn't an easy road, but with a little bit of southern hospitality and a lot of hard work, Simpson managed to build his dream life. And now, he's giving back.

His story starts in Flint, Michigan. After the suicide of his father and his mother battling MS, and ultimately passing when Collin was 16 years old, he was raised in Arkansas by his grandparents.

Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, he adopted southern hospitality, a trait that would bode well for him in the future. When he became an adult, he moved back to Michigan and because of his friendliness and resourcefulness, finding a job wasn't a challenge for him.

But like so many, no one taught Collin about credit. It would take mistake after mistake to get on track.

At age 31, he had a bouncing baby girl and then his second baby girl 13 months later. To ensure he could provide for them, he found himself working the graveyard shift cleaning parking lots with minimal days off.

One day, a friend called to tell him he had a job interview at a mortgage company. He got the job, which marked a new chapter in his life.

Even with a fresh start with a new company, life's challenges would persist. Collin found himself homeless and searching for answers. Unbeknownst to his coworkers, Collin would shower and work out in his company's building, while relying on his close network of friends for a couch to crash on at night. This didn't last too long. As he started to gain recognition for his efforts at work, he was finally able to afford an apartment.

However, his credit was still bad. Luckily, the landowner allowed him to rent the apartment because he was honest about the financial mistakes he made in previous years.

A month into living there, new challenges arose as his car was repossessed. Fortunately, his coworker, Ben Sobanski, who is now his business partner, volunteered to take him to and from work. Ben also happened to be a veteran in the mortgage industry.

For an entire year while riding to and from work, he was schooled about mortgages (for free). A year later, he owned his first new vehicle. Two years later, he owned his first home!

Collin Simpson never gave up. He pushed forward despite his past mistakes and hardships. He kept a positive attitude, remained friendly, leveraged the knowledge of his peers and created his dream life.

In addition to being a mortgage loan officer, his journey inspired him to create his own credit repair company with his lifelong friend, Brian. They are committed to helping others boost their credit scores to build their dream lives-just like Collin did.

Improve Your Credit with 180 Degree Financial Solutions

Collin Simpson is a mortgage loan officer and co-founder of 180 Degree Financial Solutions.

The "180" in the company's title refers to its goal to turn their client's credit-and lives-around, a full 180 degrees.

If you're in need of credit repair, visit

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