Alfi Commences Installation of Digital Advertising Screens in Uber and Lyft Vehicles in Orlando and Tampa; Purchases Additional 10,000 Lenovo Tablets
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Alfi Commences Installation of Digital Advertising Screens in Uber and Lyft Vehicles in Orlando and Tampa; Purchases Additional 10,000 Lenovo Tablets

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 7:00 AM
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Company Update
Alfi, Inc.
  • Ongoing tablet roll-out in rideshares featuring proprietary AI enterprise SaaS platform technology for digital advertising
  • Alfi digital screens successfully deployed in Miami-based rideshares
  • Orlando and Tampa simultaneous rollout commences July 18
  • Almost 30,000 rideshare drivers nationwide have registered
  • Alfi purchases 10,000 additional digital screens

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2021 / Alfi, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALF) ("Alfi" or the "Company"), an AI enterprise SaaS platform company powering computer vision with machine learning models to allow content publishers and brand owners to deliver interactive, intelligent information without violating user privacy, today announced it will commence installations of Alfi tablets in vehicles operated by Uber and Lyft drivers operating in the Orlando and Tampa areas.

This continued roll-out to new locations beyond the Miami area expands upon the successful partnership Alfi has begun to develop with independently contracted Uber and Lyft drivers, providing them with an additional revenue stream while enhancing the passenger experience. In anticipation of its planned roll-out to a total of 10 major cities, Alfi has placed an order for an additional 10,000 Lenovo digital tablets.

Alfi creates relevant and interactive digital out-of-home ("DOOH") advertising experiences, delivering the content to the end-user ethically and respectfully, while offering DOOH advertisers a never-before-seen precision in DOOH targeting.

"Our expansion into the Orlando and Tampa markets is the next step towards reaching new drivers, riders and advertisers, and we fully expect to match the success we saw in the Miami roll-out," said Ron Spears, CRO of Alfi. "Our SaaS platform for digital advertising creates a real and differentiated value proposition enabling advertisers to realize better performance with more targeted content, while rideshare operators gain a potentially significant revenue stream, and passengers' experiences are vastly improved when they receive in-ride content that is relevant to them, while respecting their privacy. With 10,000 additional screens on order, our team is actively preparing for roll-outs into nine other cities in 2021."

"We have great respect for our rideshare drivers who are hardworking people trying to make a living. Alfi allows them to earn extra income with our revenue share program by doing nothing else but drive their cars. Our relationships are directly with each rideshare driver, and while we do not have any direct relationship with Uber, Lyft, or any of the rideshare companies at present, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with them in a way that would be a win/win for all," said Paul Pereira, Alfi CEO. "There are over three million rideshare drivers in the U.S. and Alfi is going to help those we can reach by providing free tablets, free installation, and revenue sharing opportunities."

By utilizing Alfi's technology, advertising customers gain powerful reach, dynamic visuals, and tailored message capability by age, gender, geography, customer emotion, brand behavior and interests, all in real-time. Alfi's computer vision can change and run ads remotely to deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time in an ethical, respectful, responsible and privacy-compliant manner.

Advertisers and brands are increasingly demanding improved performance and capabilities from the ad technology they utilize. Alfi provides data-rich reporting functionality that informs advertisers when someone views their video advertisement, including number of views, each viewer's reaction to the ad, and other salient data and analytics.

Alfi and Privacy

Alfi's software turns a digital display into an intelligent screen that can detect audiences and serve the right messages to make media more valuable and effective. Alfi's proprietary platform recognizes what - not who - is viewing a digital out-of-home ad and serves content based on the viewer's gender and age in an ethical and respectful manner.

Alfi believes this type of anonymized, yet targeted advertising is the future of the industry, especially as companies move away from cookies and deep collection of a consumer's personal data and browsing history. Alfi understands small facial cues and perceptual details to detect a face and predict the age and gender of the person looking at the screen. Hence, Alfi uses facial detection - not facial recognition. Facial detection is different from facial recognition, because facial detection refers to analyzing or detecting of patterns and emotions, whereas facial recognition technology ("FRT") stores data in order to recognize or identify an individual against existing content.

Alfi's smart technology detects behavior without collecting or storing personal data or facial images. It sets new standards by providing precise targeting information to advertisers by collecting information in non-intrusive ways that are compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

GDPR and CCPA focus on the collection and storage of personal data, and since Alfi does not collect any personal identifiers or information, it is compliant to these privacy laws.

About Alfi Inc.

Alfi, Inc. provides solutions that bring transparency and accountability to the digital out of home advertising marketplace. Since 2018, Alfi, Inc. has been developing its artificial intelligence advertising platform to deliver targeted advertising in an ethical and privacy-conscious manner.

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