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Over Six Million Tenants Are At Risk Of Being Evicted Due to Eviction Moratorium Ending; New AI Based Free Online Tool Released To Help People Stay In Their Homes

Tuesday, 29 June 2021 13:20

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2021 / The latest US Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey states 4.2 million renters face potential eviction as current CDC COVID-19 related eviction moratoriums are set to expire on June 30, 2021.

As confusion continues for both property owners and tenants, an AI based tool by, has been released at no cost to people at risk during the impending eviction crisis.

The amount of unpaid rent could exceed $52 billion (about $160 per person in the US). It [is] estimated that the average delinquent household owes $5,586. In mid-May, 7.49 million US adults said they were not current on rent or mortgage payments and had slight or no confidence they could make next month's payment, according to the Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey.

Some property owners were seen going as far as evicting all tenants from their properties, On Jun 08, 2021, one such Miami property owner, was reported by the Miami Herald as having an entire apartment building of 200+ units forcing all tenants to move out within sixty days.

To aid at-risk renters facing eviction, has created an interactive AI based tool that helps tenants negotiate with their landlords. Through partnering with attorneys and eviction protection advocates, the tool allows tenants to create and mail automated formal drafted requests to their landlords without the need for the user to do anything other then answer a few questions on their cell phone or computer.

The tool, originally slated to be a for-pay service, is being made available freely for a limited time at due to the impending housing crises., Tuesday, June 29, 2021, Press release picture

"We've seen a significant increase in the number of clients that have received eviction letters wanting help," said Jand Hashemi, President of, the company that created Don't Pay It Now.

The automated tool helps to streamline the steps involved in resolving disputes with property owners and their tenants, as well as potentially getting their cases resolved quickly. The tool guides users through the process of selecting their state, county, landlord, creditors, entering the amount(s) they owe, and provides a step-by-step interactive experience for creating, mailing, and tracking delivery of requests for rent extensions, settlement offers, or fee waivers.'s new automated tool is part of's larger initiative to help its clients get back on their feet.'s mission is to be a resource for people experiencing financial hardships by helping to provide education and assistance with credit counseling, debt management, debt relief, tax relief, and general financial literacy for their's customers.

About offers a free and innovative solution for those who need eviction protection but cannot afford an attorney or eviction prevention advocate.

For more information on how the service works, or to use it for yourself visit:

About provides credit and debt counseling, education and financial literacy through the following services: credit and debt counseling, debt management plans, debt settlement plans, credit repair, pre-paid legal services, financial literacy programs, homeowner services, foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage counseling, mortgage foreclosure help, bankruptcy counseling, debt settlement services, debt negotiation services, debt consolidation services, and tax debt relief.

Fact sheet:

  • Four million Americans are likely to be evicted 2 months earlier than expected.
  • The White House has estimated that 1 in 5 were delinquent on payments by January.
    The CDC moratorium began last September and was scheduled to lapse on June 30.
  • Forty million Americans were behind on rent in Jan, or 70 billion of missed payments by the end of 2020.
  • Congress approved $25 billion in emergency rent assistance in Dec 2020, and another $21.5 billion in March.
  • About 20% of renters in America are behind on their payments.
  • As much as $3.43 billion (about $11 per person in the US) in federal aid was spent on rental assistance, according to National Low Income Housing Coalition. But advocates said more should have been done, given tenants faced as much as $34 billion (about $100 per person in the US) in unpaid rent through January.
  • The amount of unpaid rent could exceed $52 billion (about $160 per person in the US). It [is] estimated that the average delinquent household owed $5,586.
  • Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kansas were among the states that struggled to distribute rental assistance. Kansas set aside $35 million but siphoned off $15 million for other uses.

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