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Osceola Gold, Inc. Sets Sights on Gold as the Production Site for Launch is Determined, as the Gold Market Continues Strong

Thursday, June 24, 2021 1:55 PM
Osceola Gold Inc.

STEUBENVILLE, OH / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2021 / Osceola Gold, Inc., "OSCI", (OTC PINK:OSCI), is pleased to announce that in an effort to become a strong and transparent contender in the public mining community, management has made the determination as to where production on the mine is slated to break ground.

Anticipation continues to build as the equipment selection process ad advances, with a focus on bringing in newer electric and more robust equipment, for the potential of a stronger yield at reduced energy costs.

Recent reports indicate that Gold advanced cautiously in early trading with Treasury yields and the dollar both reflecting a steady tone, and options expiration on the high-volume July contract looming today. It is up $7 at $1786. 1

In a column posted a little over a week ago, Financial Times' Robert Armstrong reported inquiries from his readership about safe assets in a time of "regime change" in Washington and the "unleashing" of loose fiscal and monetary policies. "Gold is an obvious candidate," he writes. "It is often touted as an inflation hedge. But that is too general. Gold has one of the most stable relationships to economic fundamentals of any asset. It moves inversely to real interest rates with great regularity, especially in recent years. Gold has followed real rates, slavishly but in reverse, for 15 years, rising when real rates fall and falling when they rise. There is a simple reason: the real return on money is the opportunity cost for holding gold, an asset that yields nothing."

As developments continue to evolve, management is committed to keep the investment community updated.

Recently Announced, The final Quantum Geological result provided a dimensional slice of the subsurface revealing mineral location and depth.

Osceola AU target points analysis provided by Quantum Geo Methodology: Osceola test point (1) - 39° 3'30.00'N 114°25'00.00'W

Osceola test point (1) - Core drill or excavate to AU contact zone approximately 34 to 40ft from surface. For best results core drill to 75ft below surface.

  • AU test target point radius is 25ft from center.
  • AU contact zone of interest: 34ft to 40ft. elevation from surface.
  • AU contact zone heading across center point for 65 ft mol @ 308.23 degrees
  • Map surface elevation 6638ft; adjust contact zone projections to onsite GPS calibrations.
  • Au concentrations in target area elevation should fall with-in 5-11 grams per ton, below 40ft diminishing signs until the 63-70 ft range then underlying zone has good frequency but doesn't seem strong enough to be in the hi gram per ton range and is probably closer 4 + range.

Osceola test point (2) - 39° 3'36.04'N 114°25'29.97'W

Osceola test point (2) - 39° 3'36.04'N 114°25'29.97'W

Core drill or excavate from surface to approximately 13ft, continue to the next contact zone of interest approximately 26ft from surface. The next contact zone of interest is approximately 55ft from surface. For best results core drill to 110ft below surface.

  • AU target point radius is 25ft from center.
  • AU contact zones: Surface to 13ft, - 26ft to 35ft, - 55ft to 62ft.
  • AU concentrations at 13ft level look very strong 15 plus grams per ton. At 26ft to 35 ft 8-13 grams per ton estimated and 55-62 ft weaker signature with small zones of AU showing buildup points along the heading.
  • AU contact zone heading across center point for 45 ft mol @ 75.48 degree's
  • Map surface elevation 6278ft; adjust contact zone projections to onsite GPS calibrations.

Summary: Our analysis indicates numerous AU targets throughout the area of interest. The better of the signatures are mapped. Core drilling or excavation and sampling are necessary to prove up the points. The area has been worked extensively but indications show that AU is present with high AU signatures giving effect to micron gold being spread through the substrates at the lower depth elevations.

Note: Quantum Geo Methodology uses map date calibrated with TRUE NORTH. Please adjust field GPS devices with WGS 84 datum. Trimble is advised for correct GPS placement. Over lays only meant for visual representation of surface parameters for the given coordinates locations at the surface.

Note: Mapping is generated utilizing Google Earth Pro, important to calibrate accordingly.

The Company recently announced that a new team has been formed, and Management expects to commence with the retesting of areas on the property that had been producing Ore in the range of ½ to 1 gram per ton.

About Osceola Gold, Inc.

Osceola Gold Inc has rights to mining claims in the Osceola Mining district in Mary Ann Canyon, which is situated about 30 miles north of Ely, Nevada. This area is one of the most prolific gold areas in the State of Nevada. The largest Nugget in Nevada was found in Mary Ann Canyon and the Osceola Mining District. Although mining is not as popular as it once was, there is still large amounts of commodities in the ground to extract. Osceola Gold Inc. has had geological tests and several different studies done, which has helped them locate gold deposits which has enabled them to concentrate on areas that have rich soil to process and mine for successful outcomes.

Forward-Looking Statement

This release includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements regarding our expected future financial position, results of operations, cash flows, financing plans, business strategy, products and services, competitive positions, growth opportunities, plans and objectives of management for future operations, as well as statements that include words such as 'anticipate,' 'if,' 'believe,' 'plan,' 'estimate,' 'expect,' 'intend,' 'may,' 'could,' 'should,' 'will,' and other similar expressions are forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond our control, which may cause actual results, performance, or achievements, as described in our reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission which are available for review at, to differ materially from anticipated results, performance, or achievements. We are under no obligation to (and expressly disclaim any such obligation to) update or alter our forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.



SOURCE: Osceola Gold, Inc.

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