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New York Times Bestselling Author John Perry Featured in Exclusive New Thrive Global Interview

Friday, January 29, 2021 1:45 PM

In the wide-ranging interview, the Letters to God co-author reflected on experiences, inspirations and lessons learned over his dynamic career.

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / January 29, 2021 / John Perry, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller Letters to God, which was inspired by the major motion picture of the same name, has been featured in an exclusive new Thrive Global interview. Thrive Global helps the world's leading enterprises and their people build healthy habits through inspirational storytelling and actionable micro-steps.

In the wide-ranging interview, John Perry reflected on experiences, inspirations and lessons learned from a career journey that has included highly successful stints as an advertising copywriter and radio producer, and currently involves working as an acclaimed author and sought-after ghostwriter.

Among the most salient insights that John Perry shared is a piece of advice for writers of all ages who are launching their careers and want to make the path ahead of them productive and pleasant instead of frustrating and futile: learn how to accept, appreciate, and most of all take advantage of criticism.

"When writers are starting out, they can be really defensive if people criticize their work," commented John Perry, whose works include biographies of historical figures such as Sergeant Alvin York, Booker T. Washington, and Winston Churchill. "Criticism is helpful. It's not the same as criticizing you as a person. You must be willing to take criticism if you want to get better and make friends in the business."

Just as valuably, John Perry highlighted what keeps him motivated - which is something that aspiring writers need to grasp if they want to avoid getting so frustrated and burned out that they give up completely on their dream of being a professional author.

"[I am motivated by] the quest for excellence," commented John Perry, who graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt with a BA in English and a minor in piano. "I always want to make my next book better than the last. I want to be a better writer, a better craftsman, to reach more people with a compelling, entertaining, inspiring message. I [also] love helping other people tell their stories…Trying on different voices, telling someone else's story in their own words, is incredibly exciting and satisfying."

On a more personal level, John Perry also noted whom he considers his role models (a legendary former boss named Berkley Cooke and Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough), how he maintains work-life balance (he decides what's important and sticks to it), how he motivates others (by offering them sincere encouragement), and what makes him a good leader (seeing things from other people's point of view). He also talked about one of the proudest days of his life, which was certainly epic:

"I got a call from an NBA star who was looking for a ghost writer to help with his autobiographical memoir," commented John Perry. "I flew to Texas to meet with him, went to his house, and went to dinner. On my way back from that meeting, I was at the Memphis airport when my agent called and said Letters to God is on the New York Times bestseller list. It was quite a day!"

The full Thrive Global interview with John Perry, which spans the above topics and much more, is available at

About John Perry

John Perry is an acclaimed ghostwriter, biographer and author, whose works include co-writing the New York Times bestseller Letters to God, which was inspired by the major motion picture of the same name. He also co-founded Nashville-based American Network Radio Productions, during which he worked with some of the biggest names in country music.

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John Perry
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