R2 Recycling: Committed To Proper Handling Of Your Electronics
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R2 Recycling: Committed To Proper Handling Of Your Electronics

Monday, January 4, 2021 1:00 PM
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LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2021 / Whatever computer-based equipment you may use, you can always count on memory to store, process, & backup information that is taken in. This is typically done in the form of either a memory card, flash drive or something else. While this is a known fact in many circles, it is something that is occasionally neglected: reports have suggested that about 33% of IT professionals indicated that their companies have few to zero policies in place to manage system data.

The damage that can be done to a business or individual's finances & reputation due to a data breach can be severe, and possibly even insurmountable. Today, with all the tools that hackers have access to (either through remote or physical means), taking every precaution to protect yourself is crucial. R2 Recycling (a recycler with a nationwide presence courtesy of its partnership with numerous recyclers, many of which are R2 certified) provided us with some general concepts to keep in mind.

Reuse: the first step in recycling
Using a recycler which partners with a nationwide network of R2-certified recyclers like R2 Recycling gives you the assurance that you are doing right by the planet: this is done by reducing the environmental impact of your material & through materials being repurposed which limits the need to mine for new materials to assemble the electronic goods of the future. When using any electronic waste recycler, it is imperative that you make an informed decision: becoming aware of the data destruction practices in use will give you the peace of mind that comes with proper handling of your sensitive materials.

Acquainting oneself with proper e-waste recycling techniques
E-waste recycling is a comprehensive process that includes a multitude of stages, starting with collection, continuing with testing & remarketing, and wrapping up with final disposition & recycling.

To avoid harm to the environment and putting sensitive data at risk, the use of recycler that collaborates with nationwide R2-certified partners like R2 Recycling is highly recommended. These recyclers have the infrastructure & framework to disassemble equipment & break down the components (which includes extracting anything hazardous), as well as separating and sorting materials that allows for eventual repurposing of metals for use in modern electronic devices.

Cover your tracks: avoid data retrieval from old hard drives
In the hands of someone less experienced, even a hard drive cut in half can be put back together and potentially scavenged. This is relatively uncommon, but someone with commitment & determination can get it done. Your best line of defense is through someone like R2 Recycling and its network of partners that follow the highly regarded R2 standard. The hard drives they collect either receive a DOD (Department of Defense) wipe which effectively destroys all the data on them, or are shredded into tiny pieces which thus renders them incapable of being reassembled.

When it comes to data security for your organization, leave nothing to chance. Always be certain that your equipment is being recycled with full regard for the environment, and that every precaution is being taken to ensure that data will never end up where it doesn't belong.

For more information on R2 Recycling's services, contact them at (866) 509-7267 or via e-mail at http://www.r2-recycling.com.

About R2 Recycling
R2 Recycling is a premier computer and electronics recycler that provides solutions for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals, and government entities. The recycler serves clients nationwide.

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