R2 Recycling Documents Why IT Asset Disposal Is Essential
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R2 Recycling Documents Why IT Asset Disposal Is Essential

Friday, December 18, 2020 11:30 AM
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LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2020 / When an individual or company of any size experiences, their data being compromised, the damage can be widespread & far-reaching. Bad actors are always looking for new ways to access personal information, leaving anyone affected to have to pick up the pieces and put them all back together. Our representatives at the state & federal levels are always putting forth an effort to prevent future attacks, but when it comes to each of us, the best offense is a good defense.

Among the duties of a company's internal IT staff is ensuring that all data belonging to staff & customers is properly deleted and/or destroyed when machines have reached their end of life. They turn to the likes of R2 Recycling, which works with R2-certified partners throughout the country to guarantee that this process is completed.

A representative from R2 explained that even a single hard drive can put data in the wrong hands if not managed properly, which can be a highly traumatic experience for numerous parties. Here are some tips to avoid ending up in such a situation.

Process documentation

Depending on the state, all recyclers must have practices in place to ensure due diligence in proper handling & management of electronic equipment. The nationwide partners of R2 Recycling go the extra mile and are held to the absolute highest industry standard that only comes with specific certifications. Simply put, this provides certainty that auditing & observation was done to verify the deletion and/or destruction of all sensitive data that enters their facilities.

Defining the processing of equipment

It's standard practice for a recycler that follows the R2 standard to submit physical work statements touching on the recycling process when new vendors are brought on board. This can be an important step for corporate auditing purposes because it demonstrates that the recycler functions in an effective, dependable manner that fits the framework of businesses of all sizes.

Ensuring accountability & transparency

A large part of establishing trust between recycler & organization is documenting your processes to give peace of mind to those charged with proper disposal of equipment. This has been core to the mission of R2 Recycling & its network of nationwide partners. In addition, assets that are processed can be tracked by their identification number, through which you can find information on location, services & service of each item if necessary.

Utilization of these suggestions should guide any IT specialist toward better organization & compliance for their operating procedures, which should also make the asset disposition process simple & easy for them.

For more information, contact R2 Recycling at (866) 509-7267 or reach them online at http://www.r2-recycling.com.

About R2 Recycling

R2 Recycling is a premier computer and electronics recycler that provides solutions for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals, and government entities. The recycler serves clients nationwide.


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