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New Worldwide Patents Issued on Discovery for Botulinum NeuroToxin in Combination with Silver Nano Particles Creating Extraordinary Outcomes

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 7:00 AM

LANGLEY, BC / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2020 / Dr. Andrew J.M. Willoughby and Dr. Keith W. Moeller have been granted and issued numerous patents worldwide - including in Asia, Europe, and now the United States - on the combination and utilization of Nano-Silver with various Botulinum NeuroToxins ("BONTs"). These proprietary formulations have significant clinical and logistical advantages, including extending the stability and shelf-life of the reconstituted BONT from 2-3 weeks to upwards of 3-4 months, as well as extending the Therapeutic Effect (Efficacy) of the injected BONTs for up to 6-7 months (100+% longer than with standard saline).

Said Dr. Moeller, "Because of the way this Nanoparticle is able to encapsulate and protect various proteins and carbohydrates from degradation, we believe the potential now exists that the Botulinum NeuroToxin may not need to be refrigerated at all, further extending its humanitarian use into more secluded nations and cities worldwide. Think of an adult or child that utilizes the BONT product to control chronic migraine headaches or recurrent focal motor seizures, who now may only need to be injected twice in a calendar year, instead of every 2-3 months. This discovery could impact the lives of many!"

Dr. Willoughby is a Canadian reconstructive & cosmetic-based dentist from Langley, B.C. with numerous clinical certifications, who has been injecting BONTs since 2007. In 2017, Dr. Willoughby completed an off-label Phase-1 human clinical trial with 39 patients who were injected with OnaBotulinumToxin-A which had been reconstituted with a Nano-Silver compound that is cleared for use in both Canada and the USA as a surgical wound wash irrigant. After closely monitoring the participants for upwards of eighteen months, and providing half of them with repeat doses, a noticeable extension in the length of therapeutic effect was observed amongst patients suffering from a range of issues, including chronic tension headaches, bruxism (tooth grinding) and wrinkles. There were also notable anti-viral effects in patients with cold sores (HSV-1), and none of these patients experienced any adverse events. Additional human clinical trials with similar results have been completed since this time.

Said Dr. Willoughby, "We feel as if we now understand the pharmacokinetics and mode of action behind how our ultra-small Nano-Silver particles (5-7Nm) interact with the BONT, and what it takes to extend both its efficacy and stability. We also have a completed IRB-sponsored Phase-2 human ingestion study - the largest of its kind ever performed with a Nano-Silver compound. These published results indicate our Nano-Silver is safe to ingest and inhale and is non-toxic. Thousands of successful dental surgeries (involving medical device insertion sites) have also established that our Nano-Silver is a profound wound-healing and broad-spectrum disinfectant. We have numerous USFDA and Canadian regulatory clearances to substantiate these claims. This Nano-Silver technology not only meets USFDA USP 51 guidelines/standards for an antimicrobial preservative according to 21 CFR Part 58, but it is also non-toxic to humans. I refer to this new and improved version as "Botox® Bacteriostatic" *. The clinical implications of this nanotechnology platform go far beyond dentistry."

Due to the profound preservative and antimicrobial properties of this Nano-Silver, as well as its ability to modulate the immune system and to encapsulate other organic molecules, Dr.'s Willoughby and Moeller have also filed a comprehensive series of Patents for the use of Nano-Silver and lipid-coated Nano-Silver particles as part of a novel anti-viral therapeutic treatment, and as an alternative adjuvant for various types of immunotherapeutics, including recombinant mRNA vector vaccines.

Said Dr. Moeller, "We have hundreds of independent clinical and laboratory reports, including numerous peer-reviewed publications, which point to the profound wound healing, disinfectant, anti-biofilm, preservative, and immuno-modulating capabilities of this Nano-Silver. This, combined with an ability to kill a broad range of Multi-Drug-Resistant bacteria (without being toxic to the patient) and our BONT clinical findings, leads us to believe that our Nano-Silver could make an ideal alternative to the many chemo-toxic chemicals and antibiotics (i.e..Thimerosol, Glutaraldehyde, Methylparaben, 2- Phenoxyethanol, Gentamycin, Streptomycin and Neomycin) currently being used as adjuvants by the vaccine industry."

PCTA filings have also been undertaken for the combined use of Nano-Silver and Botulinum Toxin with various antioxidants, including Vitamins A, C, & E, as well as platelet-rich plasma, liposomes, and Hyaluronic Acid for micro-needling. These filings include additional clinical protocols. For more information, please contact Dr. Andrew Willoughby, President & Founder, VeraSIL Therapeutic Research, Inc., Ph: 1.855.545.1800 or E: [email protected]

Botox® is a registered trademark of Allergan Plc, and Abbvie, Dublin, Ireland. The use of "Botox® Bacteriostatic" is used solely as a descriptive term.

SOURCE: VeraSIL Therapeutic Research, Inc.

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