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Attorney Samir Hadeed Shares How Technology Has Impacted Law

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 10:45 AM

PITTSBURGH, PA / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2020 / Samir Hadeed, a successful attorney based in Pennsylvania, shared his expert insights on how technology has impacted law and the way it is practiced in the United States for a recent article published on TMCnet.

According to Samir Hadeed, the latest advances in technology have made it easier for lawyers to communicate with clients and have greatly cut down costs as well, making it a win-win for both parties.

Most impactful of all has been the way that technology has streamlined communications with the introduction of text messages, emails, and video conference calls. Along with saving on time, these digital tools have made communication more accessible.

"Many law firms nowadays allow their partners, lawyers, and even paralegals to telecommute. This frees up a lot of the lawyer's time and makes them more productive," said Samir Hadeed.

Furthermore, with digitization, discovering and sifting through legal documents in search of critical pieces of information has become easier and faster than ever before.

"Since most of these documents are now stored in a database or available online, it's easy for the lawyer or paralegal to access them from a computer or even a smartphone. This also translates into saved time for the law firm and saved costs for the client," said attorney Samir Hadeed.

Finally, lawyers have now been rescued from the most arduous aspect of their profession, with the introduction of digital case management.

These platforms offer easier ways for lawyers to manage their time and caseload more effectively. Just with the click of a button, the lawyer can schedule important calls, browse, and examine documents related to the case, and manage their billing data. In addition, all these processes can be accessed and performed on the go, said Hadeed.

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About Samir Hadeed

Attorney Samir Hadeed is a personal injury and criminal lawyer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Samir began his practice after completing his formal education at Duquesne University and Case Western Reserve University. He has been practicing criminal defense, personal injury, auto accidents, and traffic tickets since 2008.


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