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Pharmacist Andrew Hanna Reveals How Independent Pharmacies Can Triumph Over Amazon Pharmacy

Thursday, 26 November 2020 10:50

CORNWALL, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2020 / Andrew Hanna, a bright and passionate pharmacist with an unparalleled enthusiasm for the medical community, provides commentary on the evolving nature of the pharmaceutical landscape. On November 20th, 2020, Amazon officially launched its pharmacy in the U.S. and given the company's extensive range of resources, may soon expand its footprint into the Canadian market.

Andrew Hanna, Thursday, November 26, 2020, Press release picture

Pharmacist Andrew Hanna, who practices in Cornwall, Ontario, is an active member of the Champlain Regional Pharmacist Committee. He claims that while competing with corporate giants like Amazon may seem daunting, there are several steps independent pharmacies can take to maintain a competitive advantage.

He encourages his fellow independent pharmacists to avoid merely dispensing medication - since doing so would put them on the same playing field as Amazon Pharmacy. Instead, independent pharmacists should re-invent their pharmacy as a trusted and comfortable hub where patients can get advice, purchase unique products, and optimize their therapies and treatment plans. As a compounding pharmacist himself, he understands the importance of individualized care.

"Independent pharmacists must keep up with the demands of an evolving marketplace. As active participants of an individual's healthcare team, we play a crucial role in optimizing patient therapy" states Andrew Hanna. "We have the opportunity to deliver value, something that cannot be found in a corporate pharmacy environment. We are more than order takers, we understand the nuances of therapies, what medications patients are taking, and can help devise a comprehensive healthcare plan."

In addition to optimizing the patient care experience, Andrew Hanna also advises pharmacists to step out of the shadows and utilize a competitive advantage that they enjoy over Amazon Pharmacy: product differentiation.

"We all remember all-too-well the frustration and outrage when Walmart came out with their less expensive ReliOn brand of Novolin insulins, which was not made available to independent pharmacists," commented Andrew Hanna. "Now the situation is reversed: we have the advantage, because many prescription products are only available to independent pharmacies. As such, pharmacists who focus on these niche products don't have to worry about Amazon Pharmacy."

And as for when Amazon Pharmacy will virtually cross the border and tap into Canada's massive $46.7 billion dollar a year pharmacy and drug store market, Andrew Hanna isn't making any definitive predictions in terms of timelines. However, he does feel that a clash between Amazon Pharmacy and government regulators is inevitable.

"It will be interesting to see Canadian regulators react to a company the size of Amazon seeking to distribute pharmaceuticals," commented Andrew Hanna. "The situation will need to be monitored extremely closely and carefully to ensure that patients are consistently put before profits."

Amazon is a strong force that will inevitably challenge independent pharmacies. With an unparalleled commitment to convenience, it will be up to smaller retailers to remain one step ahead of their competitors at all times. They must continue to evolve, meet the shifting demands of consumers, and re-assert their place in the pharmaceutical industry.

About Andrew Hanna

Andrew Hanna is a bright and passionate pharmacist with an unparalleled enthusiasm for both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community alike. He prides himself on bridging the gap between patients and doctors, providing affordable and quality pharmaceutical care, and maintaining a personal and supportive relationship with each and every one of his patients.


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SOURCE: Andrew Hanna

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