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Richard Sorgnard Identifies How Technology Can Address Neuropathic Disorders

Wednesday, 25 November 2020 13:30

Technology is Helping Patients Improve Pain and Overcome Neuropathic Disorders, Explains Richard Sorgnard

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2020 / Technology in the medical industry has been used for decades. However, it is mostly used to aid doctors. Now, electric signal generation technology is being used to aid patients. Richard Sorgnard has developed a number of tools to help with neuropathic disorders.

Richard Sorgnard is both the executive director for Morhea Technologies and the Director of Technology for the International Institute for Chronic Disease. He works regularly with electric signal generation technology and applies the techniques throughout the medical and governmental industries. Under the Morhea license, Richard Sorgnard has developed proprietary technology being used by a variety of companies throughout the medical industry.

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As someone who has a Ph.D. in molecular cell biology, Richard Sorgnard is particularly interested in how electric signal generation can impact cells. This is what led to the development of RST-Sanexas. As the recognized leader of quantum-based electric cell signaling technology, it is being used for pain and circulatory management. It was originally developed as a way to treat acute and chronic pain as well as severe neuropathic pain.

Richard Sorgnard explains how electronic signal intonation (ESI) is a patented, communications-level technology that has delivered unprecedented patient outcomes. A variety of studies have been published in medical journals to describe its efficacy with patients.

The RST-Sanexas medical device that Richard Sorgnard developed is the only electric cell signaling device that has been used in clinical research. More specifically, it has proven that it has the capacity to regenerate nerves and reverse painful peripheral neuropathy. With over 30 published medical reports to discuss its impact on neuropathic conditions, the device has proven to be safe and effective. Richard Sorgnard also identifies that it can be reimbursed by Medicare.

While so many devices on the market are designed to mask symptoms and simply address pain, Richard Sorgnard discusses how this technology is capable of changing the way that patients are treated. It is possible to reverse the neuropathy and regenerate nerves so that there are no more medical issues. This provides a wide array of benefits to patients as they no longer have to focus solely on treating the pain.

The physics-based technology that Richard Sorgnard has created illustrates how quantum mechanics can support electromagnetic therapies for pain management. A frequency hopping FM signal generator is combined with communications-level technology to produce signal energy waves. These waves are continually varying with sequential and random patterns that are applied transcutaneously to the skin via electrodes.

Through the work that Richard Sorgnard has done, doctors are learning that they can now heal the cause of neuropathy as well as other painful conditions instead of masking the symptoms. It is a revolutionary technology that is becoming more readily available to hospitals and medical facilities around the globe. He continues to work with various companies to explore how the technology can help patients in other ways.

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