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Patrick Bieleny Talks About Finding Potential Where Others Don't in an Upcoming Exclusive Interview With Thrive Global

Monday, November 16, 2020 8:45 AM

The founder of PB & Co.Houses shares some valuable pieces of wisdom he has accrued through a career spent in the real estate market.

CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2020 / In a forthcoming interview with the online mental health and productivity platform Thrive Global, real estate developer and entrepreneur Patrick Bieleny sits down for an in-depth conversation on matters of creativity and inspiration.

Delving into topics that range from business leadership to mentoring to work-life balance, Bieleny articulates his personal philosophy and how it guides him through his career flipping houses. Remarking on what gives him motivation, the founder of PB & Co. Houses says that "(w)hile most people would assume profit is the greatest motivating factor, it isn't," going on to further explain that his "true motivation comes from being able to see potential where others can't and supply clients with their dream home."

In the interview, Patrick Bieleny also spends some time reflecting on his unique family history, citing the sacrifices made by his immigrant father to forge a better life for his family in a new country as a source of strength and inspiration. "Some days he worked 12-hour shifts to be able to provide for my mother and me," recalls Bieleny with some emotion, adding "I feel that I owe it to him to try my best and be successful."

Moving beyond subjects of a personal nature, the Calgary-based real estate developer shares some nuggets of wisdom regarding the complex craft of house flipping, as well as some tricks of the trade. Amongst other things, ideas about work team assembly, macro-managing, and choosing an overall business strategy are explored in great detail. Additionally, Patrick describes the various hardships and pitfalls he has encountered over the course of his career rehabilitating houses, relating these challenges as lessons to be learned from. And, of course, he reveals his favourite real estate-related smartphone app to the readership.

Taken as a whole, the upcoming exclusive interview given by Patrick Bieleny to the online mental health and productivity platform Thrive Global provides a great many insights into the often-misrepresented vocation of flipping houses, as well as painting a portrait of an imaginative, determined, and extremely thoughtful veteran of the trade. "I love taking some creative liberty in every house we complete," Bieleny muses, adding "(e)very rehab is unique, and that is refreshing when you've been in the industry for a long time."

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About Patrick Bieleny

Patrick Bieleny is a real estate developer from Calgary, Alberta, who has built a successful business flipping houses. Born in Eastern Europe to modest circumstances, Bieleny and his parents immigrated to Canada to pursue a better life, and so that Patrick could attend a highly-regarded post-secondary school. He fulfilled this dream by graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in business management, all the while juggling two jobs.

Upon entering professional life, Patrick Bieleny decided to pursue his passion for real estate investment as a career. He purchased his first property soon thereafter, and, with the help of his mentor and some close friends, renovated it and sold it for a profit. On the strength of this experience, Patrick Bieleny founded PB & Co. Houses, a company that specializes in locating, rehabilitating, and selling quality properties.

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Contact Information:

Patrick Bieleny
Founder of PB & Co. Houses
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Patrick Bieleny

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