Alberto Mordoki Shares the Four Benefits of Hiring a Certified Contractor for Commercial and Residential Work
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Alberto Mordoki Shares the Four Benefits of Hiring a Certified Contractor for Commercial and Residential Work

Thursday, November 5, 2020 11:00 AM
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Albert Mordoki

FULLERTON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2020 / Alberto Mordoki, the operations manager of a California-based construction company, recently offered his expert insight on why Developers and home-owners should hire a certified contractor to renovate their home in a recent article for Bit Rebels.

Alberto Mordoki is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in real estate, drywall, and construction businesses throughout his career. In 2012, he founded a construction company with his wife, Mirella Mordoki.

While many people may consider themselves "handy" and attempt the do-it-yourself method for home renovations after a quick how-to Google search, there are a lot of risks involved and many things that could go wrong.

In fact, while people may believe they are saving a lot of money by doing it themselves, their quick fix could lead to more issues and become more costly in the long run.

"Homeowners often miss important local ordinances and safety regulations that could result in increased time or expense from do-overs upon inspection," said Alberto Mordoki.

By hiring a licensed and certified contractor - a professional accreditation achieved by passing an exam that demonstrates the necessary credentials and skills - homeowners can be assured that all local ordinances and safety regulations will be followed.

In fact, according to Alberto Mordoki, there are four great benefits of hiring a professional accredited contractor.

The first benefit is that you will receive better financing options as lenders will be more inclined to present a good offer if you present a licensed contractor who will be performing the renovations.

As well, a professional will have experience with permits, inspections, and general code requirements, ensuring that your renovations are compliant and safe.

The licensed contractor can connect you to other licensed professionals if you need experts for a variety of different jobs.

Finally, you have built-in liability, as licensed and bonded contractors assume the risk of accident or injury, said Alberto Mordoki - a risk that you wouldn't want to chance for yourself on a DIY whim.

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About Alberto Mordoki

Alberto Mordoki is the operations manager of a construction company based in Fullerton, California. Mordoki and his wife, Mirella Mordoki, started the construction company in 2012 when they wanted to involve their two children in the business. The company is involved in construction, drywall installation and taping, as well as suspended ceilings for residential and commercial properties.


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