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Andrew Hanna Featured in Two Exclusive Interviews

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 8:50 AM

CORNWALL, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2020 / Andrew Hanna was recently featured in two interviews with Thrive Global and Ideamensch. He shared what inspired him to become a compounding pharmacist and how he achieved success in the industry.

Andrew Hanna, Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Press release picture

Drawing from memorable experiences that shaped his career path, in his interview with Thrive Global, Hanna shared how he has always idolized the likes of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Nicholas Tesla. It was from reading up on the lives of these scientists that Hanna became inspired to pursue a career as a compounding pharmacist so that he could create his own life-changing solutions - creating specialty prescriptions for patients with complicated pharmaceutical needs.

Hanna expressed that he loves his job and there's very little he would change about it.

"I love what I do and I love to stay on top of the industry to see what is next and how I can be a part of that," said Hanna. "I would just want to change the way that pharmacists are perceived. We are the most readily accessible healthcare professionals out there, but few people seem to realize they can come to us for help."

Now, serving as a certified compounding pharmacist and the founder of Cotton Mill Pharmacy, Andrew Hanna shared that his passion for the field, his strong work ethic, and his deep care and respect for both his patients and colleagues has allowed him to achieve success.

"Getting to know my patients and their medical history helps me do my job to make sure they are taking their medications properly and they understand how to monitor if they are having any side effects that they might need to tell me or their doctor," said Andrew Hanna.

In his interview with Ideamensch, he shared that his imagination helps him bring ideas to life and he said that once he can imagine something, he is able to make it a reality.

He also shared something that he believes to be true that nobody agrees with him on.

"People fall into habits and routines that become automatic and can save a lot of time, but these routines may not be healthy or the best way to do something. I think people can be happier if they consider more options and find customized solutions," said Andrew Hanna.

Further, he explained that as an entrepreneur, he works to support his community.

"The community you work in can be your biggest support. If you give back to them and show recognition to them is going to help you to succeed," he said.

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About Andrew Hanna

Andrew Hanna is a certified compounding pharmacist and the founder of Cotton Mill Pharmacy in Cornwall, Ontario. Along with compounding specialty prescriptions for patients with complicated medical needs, Cotton Mill Pharmacy also creates custom flavour formulations to help ease children into a routine of taking their medications. Separate from his compounding business, Andrew is also a medical cannabis consultant who assists clients interested in learning about and obtaining cannabis for medical purposes. Hanna graduated with his Bachelor's degree from Laurentian University before completing his degree in pharmacy at both Misr University and the University of Toronto.


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