Apex Kitasu – Rise of the Machine
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Apex Kitasu – Rise of the Machine

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 11:20 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / Apex Kitasu Media is owned and operated by Anthoni Styvens, Patrick Hilaire, and Claire Whipple. Together, they're pioneering a new way to do and conduct business in the television and entertainment industry. The non-scripted production company utilizes a unique approach in partnering with industry professionals. The concepts and programs produced by the company are built around a strong sense of storytelling and memorable characters. Apex Kitasu's vision is brought to life by some of the most talented producers in the game today.

The company strives to produce original content, paired with elements that entertain and engage its viewing audience. Furthermore, Apex Kitasu allows third-party and network partners to choose from their diverse options of programming to fit their needs. The company prides itself on its fully-functioning system, enabling its team of professionals to create and develop shows as extensively as they choose.

Apex Kitasu, known for its exceptional team of in-house producers, affectionately dubbed "The Production Cartel." These talented individuals, together make up a collective having over fifty years of experience in the non-scripted world. Through expertise and creativity, Apex Kitasu can produce and develop more than ten show concepts for network buyers each month. The quality of production is consistently unmatched for a young business.

Furthermore, the company's in-house producers create seamless concepts, coming from original ideas and constructive collaborations. They deliver on time productions, allowing clients to promptly see results. With passion and an unparalleled work ethic, they help clients achieve their desired goals and visions.

Apex Kitasu sees themselves as a revolutionary company, taking inspiration from the Wu-Tang Clan. The Production Cartel separates themselves from the usual production format, and chooses a path that is entirely their own. They want to be known for producing something that has not been seen in film and television.

Apex Kitasu essentially operates as a personal investor, as well as venture capitalists. By developing and producing original non-scripted programming, using their team of in-house producers, with an exit strategy being, selling shows to networks. Currently, Apex Kitasu has dozens of shows being pitched, or in negotiations on the open market to potential buyers, increasing the recoupment percentages on the investments.

Apex Kitasu is an industry leader, and apparent contender, in the entertainment scene. With intentions of becoming a home to creative content producers and directors, wanting to share their talents with the world. The Apex Kitasu team sees hundreds of individuals joining their roster of producers, looking for support in turning their creative visions into reality.

As time changes, Apex Kitasu believes the film and television industry should adapt to what viewers want and what the world needs. They recognize the importance and value of being adaptable and open to new practices. "Change and evolution are inevitable, for something to flourish and live on" is the philosophy and culture created by Anthoni Styvens, CEO. As president, he continues to think of innovative ways to achieve growth for their company, as well as the industry in its entirety. Watch for this in their upcoming network project that will make audiences buckle up and hold on for a fast and fun ride!

Learn more about Apex Kitasu Media on their website.

Company: Apex Kitasu Media, Inc
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 718.926.7508
Website: www.apexkitasu.com

SOURCE: Apex Kitasu Media, Inc

Apex Kitasu Media, Inc
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