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SYMP2PASS(TM) to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 Using AI

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 2:25 PM
SmartCone Technologies, Inc.

This biometric based web process allows users to track their own symptoms while assessing the safety of other areas.

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2020 / SmartCone Technologies, Inc. has licensed the Safe Spaces AI engine from Idea Capital Safe Spaces Corp. and will be launching the most comprehensive biometric based back to work, school and play web process available called Symp2passTM. This web process will work on any cellphone, tablet, computer or smart device allowing people to check themselves and their family for COVID-19 symptoms, making sure they are safe.

SmartCone Technologies, Inc., Wednesday, September 2, 2020, Press release picture

Symp2passTM uses a medically recognized, researched and proven process that integrates leading edge unsupervised AI learning* which allows the web process to continually learn as it identifies patterns within the data sets on its own. The generic geolocation data gathered from the users is used by the AI to continually map and update those areas that are safe, suspect or infected so users can take the appropriate precautions while visiting.

The more Symp2passTM is adopted and used the more the AI learns, the more accurate the results will become.

SmartCone Technologies, Inc., Wednesday, September 2, 2020, Press release picture

Symp2passTM is a web-based process available globally within the next few weeks. It will form the AI based process for the COVID-19 SmartCone Kiosk which will combine top technologies supplied by Smart Cone Technologies Inc. to help businesses create safe spaces for people to use.

"This pandemic is causing fear and doubt in millions globally. SmartCone's COVID-19 Task Force with the new "back to work, school and play" process by Symp2passTM will give people peace of mind knowing they are taking the best precautions available to ensure safe public spaces to co-exist." Jason Lee CEO SmartCone

"Symp2passTM will support every person to continually monitor their own health and use their personal map to find those safe spaces to visit. Businesses will identify themselves as Symp2pass sites and use the SmartCone Kiosk as the monitoring system ensuring they remain a safe space. Imagine every business, airport, school, hospital etc. using this process…" Richard Harris CEO Idea Capital Safe Spaces Corp.

About Idea Capital Safe Spaces Corp.

Idea Capital Safe Spaces Corp. is company focused on supporting people, businesses, schools and governments with applications, technology and processes that will help reduce the fears and provide peace of mind needed to get back to work.

SmartCone Technologies, Inc., Wednesday, September 2, 2020, Press release picture

About SmartCone Technologies, Inc.

SmartCone Technologies Inc. (SCTI) is a unique data sensory company that commercializes new Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies powering a wide array of sensors, edge computing, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence (AI). TheSmartCone™ solutions have been used most recently for "Return to Work" solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as securing dangerous work sites, controlling bicycle lane traffic, managing vehicle fleets, smart warehouses, crowd control, and more.

*(Unsupervised learning refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify patterns in data sets containing data points that are neither classified nor labeled. ... In other words, unsupervised learning allows the system to identify patterns within data sets on its own.)


For more information, please contact Tenille Houston at 613-617-7467 or [email protected]

SOURCE: SmartCone Technologies, Inc.

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