Kevin David Discusses The Key Points of His Four New Package Options
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Kevin David Discusses The Key Points of His Four New Package Options

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 9:30 AM
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SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2020 / After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Oregon State Honors College, Kevin David began his career working as a corporate accountant. This journey led him through several successful and notable companies, including Facebook, before he realized that he could never be happy working for someone else.

It was at this time that Kevin David started to get back to his entrepreneurial roots and meaningfully explore online sources of income. His goal was to find a way to free himself financially so he could travel the world and live life on his own terms. That's how he discovered Fulfillment by Amazon - better known as Amazon FBA. One month later, Kevin launched his first Amazon product and started building the online empire that would help him achieve his dream of independence.

"I'm so humbled by the success I've experienced - especially at my age," says 28-year-old entrepreneur, Kevin David. "It's amazing to me that I started with nothing but an idea - this sense that there was something more to life than working for someone else. Now that I've found what I was looking for, I feel like I'm responsible for sharing how I did it. Everyone should have the opportunity to be as happy as I am."

It is in that spirit that he created four different packages - each meant to address people at different stages of development and financial success in their lives.

Do It Yourself - The Bronze Package by Kevin David

"The Bronze package is the most affordable DIY service for people who are trying to find success through Amazon," says Kevin David. "I developed it for people who have about $3,000 available as working capital to invest in inventory."

Over 10,000 people have signed up for this package since the writing of this article. The package includes Kevin David's Amazon FBA Masterclass, membership to an exclusive student Facebook Group, and access to the Email Support Team.

"I developed the Facebook Group as a sort of support group," says Kevin David. "It's a place to connect with people, network, offer tips and tricks, and discuss the challenges you're facing. It's the network I wish I'd had when I was starting out."

The email support team gives followers access to in-house Amazon Support Assistants. "They do this day in and day out," says Kevin David. "They know the class and the process and the platform like the back of their hands and they are ready to help you with virtually any questions or problems you might be having. It's an incredibly valuable resource that can save you hours of time and frustration."

Done With You - The Silver Package by Kevin David

The Done With You package was developed to help those with around $5,000 of working capital for inventory. It's meant to strike a balance between receiving mentorship and maintaining value. "This package is meant for that enterprising student who's got a foot on the ground and is ready to maximize their Amazon business," says Kevin David.

This package gives you everything you get with the Bronze package in addition to access to 1,000 potential products, 12-weeks of intensive live, one-on-one group mentorship with some of Amazon's top sellers, access to Kevin David's high-level business contacts, help with supplier shipping, listing optimization, and PPC management.

"You also get 7 days of free access to the best underground Amazon Software Suite," says Kevin David. "It's a well-kept industry secret and I'm thrilled to share it with my students."

Semi-Automation - The Gold Package by Kevin David

The suggested working capital for this package is $10,000. "This is the package for people with huge ambitions," says Kevin David. "This is the package for people who want my personalized help while still being hands-on in the business."

Unfortunately, space is extremely limited at this tier and once spots fill up, there is no room for other participants. "I only have so many hours in the day, unfortunately," laughs Kevin David. "But I want to help everyone that I can, which is why I developed some of the smaller, less supervised packages for those who can't get into these sessions."

With this package, two products are tailor picked for you, from which you may choose one. The one you do not choose will be kept in reserve in case you would like to launch it later on. You also receive fully optimized Amazon listings with SEO titles, bullet points, descriptions, and back-end keyword optimization already in place. The company will facilitate shipping and freight forwarding logistics - you're only responsible for finding the lowest bid for the fastest shipping.

"You also get the same mentorship available in the Bronze package, but the groups are limited to 10 members instead of 30, so you're guaranteed more face-time and personalized care," says Kevin David. "And you get 12 weeks of access to the underground software."

Automation - The Emerald Package by Kevin David

The required working capital for this highest level of package is $20,000. "I developed this package for people who would like to start out at the top," says Kevin David. "We handle everything for you - 100% private label."

You get four products - two for immediate launch and two for later launch, all SEO completed for you, three months of PPC management, manufacturer negotiation, an exclusive Mastermind session with Kevin David, complimentary consultation with their Amazon-specialized CPAs, and lifetime preferential rates on products.

"I love to see new businesses grow and more and more people successfully find the financial freedom they've been looking for all their working lives," says Kevin David. "I'm just grateful that I'm in a position to help."


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