Neil Shekhter - Optimizing Communication at Your Leasing Property

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Neil Shekhter - Optimizing Communication at Your Leasing Property

Sunday, May 6, 2018 10:00 AM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2018 / A decade ago, communication was completely different back then. As time passes, leasing offices struggle to maintain effective communications around their properties. One reason for this could be advanced technology and the demand for widespread digital communication.

A huge change has happened in apartment leasing and basic marketing campaigns. Smartphone and social media applications are dominating the industry at alarming rates. So what is the best way to begin a new dialogue through using new technology?

Here are few tips and methods to consider for your properties to help onsite communication, Neil Shekhter explained.


This type of communication has literally taken over as the new way to interact in our society. It now has replaced the use of sending an email, to making a phone call or simply having face-to-face interactions. An email blast can now come from a text message. Even though email still exists, a text message is more effective with an instant arrival and visibility to a smartphone.

Social Media

This platform is becoming a direct news source. It allows instant engagement online. Social media helps with the advertising and promotion of a property's community news and spreading needed information. This can bring communities on properties together and create a sense of home.

Appreciation events are very powerful for leasing properties. Several are beginning to use social media as a way to share information about these events prior to their existence and posting community photos of the event afterward. This type of beginning and after communication activity allows for community involvement all the way around.


This is known as a very crucial app the has across the board effect. It allows for sharing photos, texts, videos and even creating a funny story or geo filters. It keeps community engagement very high and can inspire feedback. Snapchat is noted as one of the most successful applications to create immediate connections as technology moves quickly forward.

FaceTime or Skype

This is an awesome way to get direct feedback. The platform offers video-chatting that is direct and very personable. It allows for genuine communication to take place giving leasing properties effective feedback and the opportunity to address any and all concerns. It further ensures privacy, as visiting the office may be a thing of the past.

Email Blasts

Though this form of communication still lives, it is becoming less useful. However, it can still be an effective form of communication sharing policy or even goals of the leasing property. It's important to realize it is still viable and can be dependable.

It's a new world we are entering into and taking advantage of new technology is key. Properties are realizing the importance of building communities that have a more personal feel. These platforms unknowingly can create and maintain a sense of inclusiveness among the surrounding community onsite. It ultimately allows operators to maintain open connections and obtain feedback in its advertising, promotions, community news and events. Leasing properties will soon enhance their platforms to match today's ever-growing technology that doesn't seem to be slowing down, According to Neil Shekhter

Launching NMS Properties in 1988, Neil Shekhter assumed the role of CEO in January 1995. The real estate management company focuses on multi-family and mixed-use properties in the Greater Los Angeles area and in Santa Monica. At present, NMS properties manage more than 70 properties.

Neil Shekhter - Founder and CEO of NMS Properties


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