GAWOONI - The Big Thing In Gaming


GAWOONI - The Big Thing In Gaming

Friday, March 9, 2018 11:57 PM

BIRMINGHAM, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2018 / GAWOONI announces new game PET PET RUSH - The company is creating a complete Games Ecosphere around its utility token GWON - ICO just started.

GAWOONI is glad to announce today its new game PET PET RUSH. The game is developed by GAWOONI's partner dev team KazeGames from Macao and will be published beginning of next week for smartphones in Thailand. The international version will be released a week later. PET PET RUSH is the cutest pet game in the universe and also contains a mind-blowing AR feature. Stay tuned.

GAWOONI is a very ambitious publisher and developer for mobile and online games with a special focus on emerging digital markets like Southeast Asia and India.

GAWOONI has a very clear vision for the future in gaming. The company will launch in 2018, its own Gaming Platform, a complete Games Ecosphere uniting developers, publishers, advertisers, and gamers in one place. The GAWOONI Games Ecosphere is built around the Utility Token GWON, which can be used across all games and services. This means in the GAWOONI Games Ecosphere, the gamer can spend and earn GWON Tokens for gaming which is: The Next Big Thing In Gaming.

GAWOONI is just starting its ICO, releasing the GWON Utility Token. With the ICO, GAWOONI will be able to bring the Games Ecosphere to the market. Private presale just started supported by a motivating bonus program.

GAWOONI is already in operative business for 2 years with an established team and will launch its first game Tuk Tuk Rush in Thailand on 9. March for Android Smartphones. 2 weeks later, the iOS version will follow. The international release for this game will be in April. More than 70,000 people are following this game already on Facebook. Also, another exciting mobile game will be released in March in Thailand, which we will announce soon.

Stay tuned to GAWOONI and learn more about our company, the team, the projects, our Games Ecosphere and the GWON Token. Join the GAWOONI gaming community.

Are you interested to become an early investor in our ICO? Please contact us by mail: [email protected]

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