John DeMarr PI Launches Free Online Resource for Cyberbullying and Divorce

John DeMarr

John DeMarr PI Launches Free Online Resource for Cyberbullying and Divorce

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 6:17 AM

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2018 / John DeMarr is a leading private investigator from California who has been operating all over the US since 1988, offering a comprehensive range of services. He and his firm have decades of knowledge and experience in the investigative field.

With the growth in concern about online safety and privacy, the launch of offers resources about online safety and privacy. Knowing how to remain safe online has become increasingly necessary in the modern world where it has become so easy for individuals to establish fake identities, reinvent themselves and hide a dubious past.

Our children are particularly vulnerable when it comes to online activity and may be subjected to cyberbullying which can seriously affect their mental state and in some cases even lead to suicide. They need to know how to keep themselves safe online and parents need to educate them in this regard.

This means that parents cannot afford to remain ignorant. They should know as much as they can about the devices their children are using, and how to use privacy settings. They need to teach their children not to divulge mobile numbers to anyone other than trusted friends and not to put too much personal information online. Children often use mobile phones and the internet from a young age today. This means they may be too young to realize the implications of their online behavior.

Online dating is another aspect of the interconnected world that puts individuals at risk. Knowing how to go about online dating without creating unnecessary risks is vitally important. Individuals need to be armed with as much safety advice as possible to reduce risks. Rapes, thefts, stalking, and murder have all been reported by people using such online apps.

It makes sense to be as thoroughly informed as possible, arrange meetings in public places, give friends vital information and more before going on a date with someone who is a virtual stranger. People are often fooled into thinking that they truly know a person after communicating online but there is a possibility that they have been told lies.

A private investigator like John DeMarr is particularly aware of the importance of being informed in such situations due to his exposure to so much of the darker side of the internet. He believes that it is naïve to think of the internet as a totally safe place.

Another aspect where the perspective of a private investigator can help is when it comes to a husband hiding assets in a divorce. Many women are unaware that this is possible and so they end up with an unfair settlement. Private investigators with many years of experience, such as John DeMarr, are aware of all the dirty tricks husbands use to hide money. They also know many of the ways in which husbands can try to hide marital infidelity and can even help when it comes to custody disputes.

The insights of a private investigator can help to offer knowledge that empowers people to make informed choices. Possessing the right information can help them to make the right decisions, confront problems and move forward.

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