New Startup Company Rewrites The Rules Of Photo Printing Using Pure 24k GOLD

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New Startup Company Rewrites The Rules Of Photo Printing Using Pure 24k GOLD

International Entrepreneurs Bill Rowell and Edward Armstrong, Founders Of Golden Portrait, Are Revolutionizing the Way Consumers Preserve Their Photographs by Replacing Photo Paper and Other Print Materials with Pure 24k Swiss Refined GOLD

UNION CITY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2015 / Bill and Edward merged their skills, knowledge, passion and experience together to create "Golden Portraits," which are produced under the strict control and certification of a group of hand chosen, international, 2nd generation, gold setting artists. This Swiss Refined and Certified Gold is carefully crafted into fine layers of pure 24k gold settings. It is then prepared for the photographic interfusion process.

The specialized Interfusion Process begins with the personal digital, high resolution photo of that "Special Moment" chosen by the consumer. These personal digital photographs are uploaded to the 'photo editor' section of the company website. Customers may choose between portrait, landscape or desktop frame styles. 

Golden Portrait then proceeds with the delicate process of interfusing the digital photo into the previously prepared 24k gold settings. Upon the completion of the interfusing process, the elegance of the consumer's new 24K Swiss Refined Golden portrait is encased with a dark wooden frame. The polished glass that overlay the newly created heirloom will most certainly bring the customer's new Golden Portrait alive.

"Our parents' generation would print photographs then place them into photo albums rarely to be viewed, or place them inside boxes that collect dust for years to come. More recent generations take digital photographs and download them onto their computer hard drive or save them onto flash drives forgetting about them for even longer then our parent's generations," Bill said.

Edward continued on by stating that, "The problem is that these methods forever hideaway the individual moments in a person's life that deemed them worthy to be photographed in the first place."

Laverne Armstrong (U.S. National Director), seeing the vast need for Golden Portraits to be made available to the American market, as well as the Global market, established the U.S. Corporate Office Location in Union City, CA. It is from here that she also launched the American debut of "My Golden Portrait" during the 2015 Annual Megafest event hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes in Dallas TX this past August.

"I feel our website sums it up well," Laverne said. "While modern technology has improved the quality of our most treasured photographs, the durability and lasting quality on paper and in digital format is still questionable. Where would you trust your most treasured memories to, paper, digital format or 24K gold? At Golden Portrait we have embodied this ancient principle of "Eternalizing Your Memories" by replacing photo paper and other print materials with Pure 24k Swiss Refined GOLD."

The price of a 24k Swiss Refined Golden Portrait start at approximately $327 for a desktop frame and range up to $527 for the largest frame size of about 19.05 in. (x) 21.92 in. Golden Portrait also provides Global Distribution for all orders and can shipped within 4 to 6 weeks after the initial order is accepted.

Golden Portrait's mission is to provide customers and their future generations with a moment of time cherished as an heirloom, represented and preserved, in a high quality 24K Swiss Refined Golden Portrait.

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Contact: Laverne Armstrong, [email protected]

SOURCE: Golden Portrait