SeeThruEquity Issues Company Note on AMP Holding Highlighting EPA Approval of AMP Holding’s E-GEN(TM) Electric Truck

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SeeThruEquity Issues Company Note on AMP Holding Highlighting EPA Approval of AMP Holding’s E-GEN(TM) Electric Truck

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2014 / SeeThruEquity, a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on smallcap and microcap public companies, today announced that it has issued a company note on AMP Holding, Inc. (OTCQB: AMPD) highlighting the EPA’s approval of AMP Holding’s E-GEN(TM) vehicle.

"AMPD recently announced that the EPA had approved the company’s Workhorse E-GEN(TM) electric truck. We believe that this decision by the EPA is a game changer for AMPD and should lead to a substantial acceleration of sales for the company. We will be watching AMPD closely over the next several months and look forward to future updates." commented Ajay Tandon, CEO of SeeThruEquity.

Highlights of the note are as follows:

- EPA approval a significant catalyst for AMPD sales. AMPD’s Workhorse E-GEN electric truck, purpose-built for the package and product delivery market, employs an alternatively-fueled 2.4 liter engine as an emergency generator to charge the battery pack. By combining its right-sized battery pack with the security of an on-board backup generator and a transmission-less direct-drive system, AMPD provides the medium truck industry with a cost-competitive electric truck that also reduces range anxiety typically associated with electric trucks.

- E-GEN powertrain represents next generation technology. In January of 2014, AMPD submitted a patent application for E-GEN, a new drive system for its medium duty trucks. E-GEN incorporates a battery electric motor with a gasoline/propane or CNG engine that functions as an emergency generator that only runs when the battery reaches a certain level of depletion, the vehicle is in PARK and the key is out. This system combines battery-electric propulsion with a low-horsepower, fossil fuel generator to produce a vehicle that gets the equivalent of up to 20 mpg thus providing the fleet operator with a solution that has a three-year payback without any government incentives.

- HorseFly(TM) unmanned aerial vehicle expands product line. On June 4, 2014, AMPD announced that it had successfully designed and flown a prototype of its new HorseFly battery-powered unmanned aerial vehicle ("UAV"). Built in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati's Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, the eight-rotor HorseFly is powered by 18650 lithium-ion batteries and can carry a 10 lb. package 20 miles in any weather. The HorseFly is a logical extension of AMPD’s core business focus--helping companies better manage their logistics operation

- Workhorse(R) brand purchased from Navistar International. AMPD can combine these powertrains with the company’s Workhorse(R) custom chassis. This assembly plant has consistently produced chassis valued at more than $100mn dollars in revenue per year since 2003. With this acquisition, AMPD became an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Class 3-6 commercial-grade, medium-duty truck chassis to be marketed under the Workhorse brand.

- AMPD provides cost effective solutions to fleet operators. While many other EV manufacturers purchase their batteries in a plug-and-play pack, AMPD builds its own battery packs. By keeping the intellectual property related to the design and production of the pack in-house, AMPD has developed a battery pack with a very small footprint. This enables AMPD to pay less for its batteries and pack than its competitors and in turn, its all-electric truck is marketed at a lower price point than competitive vehicles.

- Attractive end market opportunities. AMPD’s EVs are purpose-built for the package and product delivery market in which the diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles stop and restart hundreds of times a day. AMPD believes that battery-electric technology is an ideal fit for urban and suburban delivery routes. The E-GEN Drive system will enable fleet operators to keep the batteries recharged to a consistent state of charge.

    The report is available here: AMPD Company Note. SeeThruEquity is an approved equity research contributor on Thomson First Call, Capital IQ, FactSet, and Zack’s. The report will also be available on these platforms.

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    About AMP Holding Inc.
    AMP Holding Inc. is the parent company of AMP Electric Vehicles Inc. and AMP Trucks, Inc. Amp Electric Vehicles manufactures electric drive systems for medium-duty, class 3-6 commercial truck platforms. AMP Trucks, Inc., which purchased the assets of Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC from Navistar in March of 2013, can equip its Workhorse chassis with gasoline, propane, or CNG engines.

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