The Dog Breeds Bible Publishes Characteristics of Hybrid Dogs

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The Dog Breeds Bible Publishes Characteristics of Hybrid Dogs

Hybrid dogs have taken the world by storm and The Dog Breeds Bible has just published new characteristics and features of many hybrid dogs such as the Pomsky and Morkie

Madison, Wisconsin / ACCESSWIRE / Sept 1, 2014 / Over the last decade genetic engineering has been taking place in the form of selective breeding different dogs. This has been occurring for many years in the agriculture business but not many people are aware of how big this industry is with dog breeders and people who love designer pets. In order to get specific traits out of man’s best friend, breeders have bred different breeds together to get specific traits to show in new hybrid breeds. The Dog Breeds Bible has started publishing breed profiles so that consumers can find a mixed breed with characteristics that would fit well in their home.

One of the first breed profiles that was published is on the Pomsky, or better known as the Pomeranian husky ( which is created by breeding a Pomeranian and a husky together. This is a great place to start if you are looking to get some information on mixed breed dogs and how they should be handled and trained as well as some information on temperament expectations and energy levels. It should also be mentioned that with hybrid dogs, there are always some risk for health concerns, so these are included as well.

The most recent is on the Morie, which is created by breeding a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier together ( The format follows the same as the Pomsky breed profile with describing some health facts, appearance, activity levels, and what you should expect for activity level and grooming.

A spokesperson from The Dog Breeds Bible explained, “We have decided to start creating breed profiles on hybrid dogs because readers have started asking us about some of the new breeds they have heard to have come out recently. Since these are so new to the market, perspective owners are looking for information on traits and behavior from these new dogs. Our goal is to be the go to resource for dog owners and people looking for their first pet so we want to keep up with the trends and give people exactly what they are looking for. We do not want there to be any surprises the day you take your dog home with you.”

About The Dog Breeds Bible: The Dog Breeds Bible is a site that is for everyone who owns a dog, is interesting in dogs, or is looking to purchase their first dog. The Dog Breeds Bible aims to be the number 1 resource about canines online by publishing in depth breed profiles as well as articles about taking care of your pet and proper training techniques.

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