LearnGarden Team Successfully Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

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LearnGarden Team Successfully Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Atlanta, GA / www.myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE /  Aug 29, 2014 / Today, LearnGarden Inc, a company who specializes in educational subscription boxes for children in grades kindergarten through eighth grades, announced that their Kickstarter campaign has successfully launched. Having been recently founded in June of this year, LearnGarden hopes to raise enough funds to expand its current offerings, customer base, and to provide American orphanages with better education.  


Regarding this company’s news, LearnGarden Chief Academic Officer Dane Rybicki said, "Launching our Kickstarter campaign is something we have been working toward day in and day out. It’s exciting to know that with the funding we receive we will be able to expand and create more subject offerings for the educational experience we offer."

LearnGarden VP of Product Management Jinny Shin created the idea that brought LearnGarden Inc. to be. LearnGarden CEO Phillip Paik took the idea and transformed it into the business it is known as today. CFO Chao Sun has done the calculations enough to understand the funding they are asking for, will help the company excel. 

About LearnGarden Inc.

LearnGarden Inc. is a company devoted to providing fun, educational experiences through its subscription boxes. Each box contains engaging activities that are tied to national educational standards. LearnGarden offers these boxes in a variety of subjects which are all taught by a state licensed teachers. No matter what a child’s interests may be, there is a box for it. LearnGarden believes it’s important for children to cultivate their interests at a young age as a way to help plant a love and passion for lifelong learning. Every box that is purchased helps to provide education for orphans nationwide.

Contact: Phillip Paik, [email protected], 404-384-9502

SOURCE: LearnGarden Inc.