Garcinia Cambogia - An Overview Into Effectiveness

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Garcinia Cambogia - An Overview Into Effectiveness

August 28, 2014 / Garcinia Cambogia Extract is currently in the spotlight for its alleged unique weight loss attributes. The popularity and controversy over this supplement has prompted an objective review of the product.

Garcinia Cambogia supplements are derived from a tropical fruit grown in India and Southeast Asia known as Malabar Tamarind. The active weight loss ingredient contained in Garcinia supplements has been identified as Hydroxycitric Acid, commonly referred to as HCA. It is said that HCA blocks fat and suppress the appetite; moreover, it has also been shown that HCA may slow or stop a key enzyme called Citrate Lyase, which the body uses to make fat from carbohydrates.

More recent findings show Garcinia Cambogia may also suppress appetite by increasing serotonin levels; low serotonin levels are associated with depression and emotional or reactive eating. Many short-term studies show how Garcinia Cambogia extract decreases cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides by 10-30%, while raising levels of the “good cholesterol” HDL. 

However, recent independent analysis found that some brands contain far less of the active ingredient (HCA) than they claim. Consumers are advised to look for at least 50% HCA that do not contain any fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. It was also found that Garcinia Cambogia should be taken on empty stomach 30-60 minutes before a meal to see the results. It is also noted in the independent analysis that many brands which claim to contain a 50% HCA level, contain as little as 8% HCA. Therefore, it important for consumers to only purchase third-party tested products, to assure they are receiving a quality product. 

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Results were found to increase with dosage, but doses over 3000 mg a day should be cleared by a doctor. At the recommended levels, Garcinia Cambogia allegedly decreases belly fat, suppresses appetite, controls emotional eating, and changes body composition by increasing lean muscle mass. It apparently doesn’t only produce weight loss, but is said Garcinia Cambogia may also improve overall health.

Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe?

It appears Garcinia Cambogia is a safe supplement to consume, but like anything else certain health conditions may contradict the use of this supplement. Many professionals do warn against using the product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although high quality Garcinia Cambogia is completely natural, it can potentially cause hypoglycaemia in diabetic patients, and complications if a patient is taking cholesterol lowering drugs such as Statins, as it may increase the risk of side effects like rhabdomyolysis. If these conditions apply to you, it is advised to speak with a doctor before you start using Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss. Click Here to See the high-quality Garcinia Cambogia formula found in the recent analysis. 


Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

There has been many claims which promote Garcinia Cambogia as a "miracle pill" for weight loss, and results are achieved without diet or exercise, yet it has been clearly determined that this supplement delivers the best results when taken along with exercise and properly portioned meals. A dose of 500 - 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia before each meal, combined with healthy eating and moderate exercise is recommended to see the best results. Access the Garcinia Cambogia that contained the correct amount of HCA Here.

When searching the web on Garcinia's effectiveness, it is easy for a person to become confused because of so much contradicting information available. Some people praise it as the "holly grail of weight loss" while other say it does absolutely nothing. It then becomes extremely difficult to determine whether if the supplement does or does not work.

It appears that Garcinia Cambogia does in fact work to some extent to improve weight loss, but until there is an accurate and accredited long-term study inexplicably proving it's effectiveness, grandiose claims such as "miracle in a bottle" should be used cautiously. Whenever using a weight loss supplement, no matter what kind it is. True Nutrition Reviews feels weight loss supplements are best used as a tool alongside a healthy lifestyle, rather then a "silver bullet" for weight loss.

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