Infintech Designs Drives Clients' Online Presence with Web Design and SEO

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Infintech Designs Drives Clients' Online Presence with Web Design and SEO

New Orleans, LA / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2014 / Infintech Designs, New Orleans' one-stop-shop web design firm, helps satisfied clients see results of their businesses' online performance, like brand building and return on investment. Infintech Designs creates professional and keyword-friendly websites and uses fresh marketing tactics to get those sites in front of targeted audiences.

Infintech Designs is dedicated to putting their clients first. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2009, the web design firm is an A Rated web design & seo company. The rating stems from the BBB's decision that the firm meets the organization's accreditation standards.

Infintech Designs produces quality, competitive websites at affordable pricing. Clients have a choice between the firm's pre-conceived web designs, or customizing their own with Infintech Designs' help. Besides the design, the Infintech Designs team can also craft web content, manage the blog, and write articles for the site.

The web design firm doesn't just fashion new websites from scratch. It also revamps existing websites to make them more searchable, informative, and enjoyable for visitors. Whether it's overhauling the current website's appearance or rewriting the content to make them more keyword optimized, web design specialists know how to accomplish clients' various goals.

Once a website is designed and launched, Infintech will work on customizing a digital online presence to drive web traffic, and ensure those visits convert to impressions or sales. Various campaigns are crafted using the different marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO). Clients understand there's no point in having a superior website if no one online is aware of it.

Infintech Designs CEO, Brian Hong, and his team of online marketing experts understand that SEO is the most results-driven method for bringing web traffic to a site. Therefore, the Infintech Designs team tailors keywords related to a client's services and products. The result is a website that ranks first on major search engine results pages.

Not only will the Infintech Designs professionals ensure that the client's website is number one on major search engine results pages, but the team also researches and implements the latest digital marketing trends to maintain that ranking.

For a free, face-to-face consultation, call Infintech Designs at 504-717-4837. To learn more about how SEO can push websites' online performance, watch the web design firm's Youtube video on SEO.

About Infintech Designs

Launched by its CEO, Brian Hong, Infintech Designs is the go-to web design and online marketing firm in the Greater New Orleans region. The company's all-inclusive service roster includes web design, digital marketing, SEO, web content production, blog management, social media marketing, and more. Interested parties can learn more at Infintech


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