Lamperd Less Lethal Eliminates Margin of Error for Police

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Lamperd Less Lethal Eliminates Margin of Error for Police

WHITEFISH, MT / August 26, 2014 / Shortly after 18-year old Michael Brown was fatally shot, St. Louis police officers responded to a crime just 25 miles away and fatally shot 25-year old Kajieme Powell after he approached officers with a knife. Police managed to calm the crowds but cell phone video later emerged showing that the police's version of events didn't quite transpire as they described and less lethal force could have been used.

In both of these cases, the action of police officers could have been justified or condemned using on-officer video cameras produced by companies like Lamperd Less Lethal Inc. (OTC: LLLI) and TASER International Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR), while non-lethal weapons could have prevented unnecessary loss of life.

Cameras Promote Deterrence

There's little doubt that cameras can help clear up what really happened during intense confrontations. According to a study by the Police Foundation, on-body cameras were shown to reduce the total number of incidents of use of force compared to control conditions by 50%, and nearly ten times less citizens' complaints than in the 12 months prior to the experiment.

These behaviors stem from fundamental tendencies of rational beings to exhibit more desirable behaviors when they know they are under surveillance, particularly in scenarios that require them to follow rules. In practical terms, these findings can also be applied to other law enforcement agencies and professional arenas where personal conduct can affect the lives and freedoms of others.

On-Officer Camera Solutions

TASER International is perhaps the most famous provider of on-officer cameras in its Axon Flex product line. Priced at $599 a piece, the point-of-view on-officer cameras improve the transparency between law enforcement agencies and their communities, while protecting officers from false claims. The technology has been installed on thousands of officers since its introduction.

Lamperd Less Lethal's newly introduced on-officer cameras don't have as much market share, but offer potentially greater functionality. With features like an automated night vision sensor and laser positioning technology, the MSS100 Mobile Surveillance System provides streaming audio and video surveillance delivered as a live feed to any location desired by police, rescue, or security services.

The company's product has 32 gigabytes of built-in memory for a secure chain of evidence that is almost impossible to be tampered with, while GPS functionality provides time-stamped locations to ensure accuracy for every second that the device is recording to taking video. Finally, all signals sent by the device are encrypted in order to avoid any problems with confidentiality.

Looking Ahead

Lamperd Less Lethal’s new mobile surveillance technology provides the police with a great way to avoid unfortunate incidents like the Ferguson, Missouri shootings. In addition to documenting everything that happens to get an accurate account of each incident, the recording itself encourages officers to be on better behavior as evidenced by field research in California, cited earlier.  Additionally, the use of non-lethal alternatives to conventional weapons seem the logical choice for police forces nationwide.

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