Latest Trends of Counterfeiting Market In Italy And In The EU By Fiammenghi Fiammenghi

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Latest Trends of Counterfeiting Market In Italy And In The EU By Fiammenghi Fiammenghi

An analysis of the phenomenon of brand and product counterfeiting in Italy and in Europe (countries of European Union) is carried out by the well-known international legal office Fiammenghi Fiammenghi with statistics and an infographic.

Rome, Italy / ACCESSWIRE / August 22nd, 2014 / Brand and product counterfeiting is a major damage for national economy and for companies coping with a proper "image theft". Suffice it to say that, as shown by the infographics created by legal office Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi, between 2008 and 2012 the Customs office and Guardia di Finanza (Italian finance police) carried out 86.638 seizures, blocking almost 290 million counterfeit goods; the contrast activity has an essentially stable trend over time, but it’s interesting to note that its incisiveness is increasing: in fact, the average size of seizures, in terms of seized products, increased significantly over the years under analysis, going from 2.331 pieces in 2008 to over 3.970 in 2012. The largest number of seizures took place in a limited number of regions: Lazio, Lombardia, Campania and Puglia, amounting to almost 60% of seizures carried out by Guardia di Finanza and by the Customs office. And, as shown by the infographics, the most affected commodity-related sectors over the past five years are accessories and clothing.

Legal office Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi, located in Rome and Lugano has always actively and effectively engaged in the fight to counterfeiting and in the legal support for the protection of brands and licences. The office is one of the most famous and renowned of this delicate sector and it has a great experience in the management of controversies relative to issues dealing with industrial law, with specific skills in the field of industrial and intellectual property. This makes it possible today to face controversies in the sector of licences, brands and copyright.

"We felt the need to create this infographics – said lawyer Alessandro Fiammenghi – in order to highlight the increasing importance of the phenomenon, with data and figures exposed in only one container. We have followed this sector for decades and we wanted to share our experience with those who may be concerned".

The counterfeit phenomenon in Italy is an actual commercial and industrial system developing through a number of sale and distribution means and thanks to sophisticated production and ‘assembly’ centres (see infographics).

It is an actual, concrete parallel economy that made the Revenue lose large sums going from 5,2 billion euros in 2008 to 4,6 billion euros in 2010. With a major effect on employment: 130.000 new jobs might be created, defeating the "counterfeiting plague".

Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi operates with organizations and companies in order to support them in all phases of the defence and protection of industrial property. The activities include the drafting, filing and extension of licences, the contracts regarding all aspects of industrial property (from the licence of brands and/or patents, to the transfer of rights). Besides, the legal office offers support in sectors related to the most modern technologies, in order to make sure that patents for inventions and utility models, design, know-how are managed, defended and used in the best way possible.

The office Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi is a professional association of technical-legal consultancy in the field of industrial property. Apart from the professionalism in the filing of applications for the registration of brands and the acquisition of invention patents in every sector of technology, including the new digital technologies, it associates a long experience in the development of researches aimed at determining potential prior rights among brands and also among patents. Not only does this make it possible to acquire the exclusive rights provided for by law but also for clients to address their industrial development in the most innovative sectors.

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