EVA Moves One Step Closer to U.S. Sales

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EVA Moves One Step Closer to U.S. Sales

South Melbourne, VIC, Australia / ACCESSWIRE / Aug 21, 2014 / EVA, a new energy-efficient LED light designed by LEDified, was recently picked up by additional distributors, laying the groundwork for the product's expanding growth and possible international sales in the United States and beyond. LEDified announced plans to launch EVA for distribution by two well-connected distribution companies.

According to the co-inventors and entrepreneurs responsible for the product, it is intended that EVA will eventually be marketed for sale in the United States. LEDified acknowledges plans to raise capital in order to offer EVA around the world. The two distributors have agreed to sell the product on orders of over $250,000, with sales to begin within the coming months.

EVA was developed as a modern alternative to traditional recessed lighting. The invention took extensive thinking outside of the box to tackle energy inefficiency issues, says Mathew Ng, co-Inventor of EVA. Traditional lights typically have short life spans that run hot and are limited in scope for application, direction, and use. LED lights are more durable than traditional lights, and manufacturers have worked to perfect them with technological attempts aimed at creating the most efficient light.

With EVA, LEDified has developed a transformative product for the LED market dubbed the world's friendliest recessed light. EVA utilizes smart technology, and iDim remote controls allow customers to select the exact light output for their needs. EVA boasts more than 89% in energy savings. The company emphasizes the new light's durability, far cooler operating temperatures, and increased lifespan up to 20 times longer. Having laid the foundation for an international launch, the company plans to replace traditional lights with improved quality and efficiency.

LEDified will provide a regular update on the progress of the distribution, particularly as EVA moves closer to United States sales. This goal will be realized by the company when the new distributors begin to fulfill orders. LEDified also plans to run a Fundable Campaign, a crowd fund perpetuated by pledges, in order to move forward in raising the capital needed in order to ensure international sales of EVA. To learn more, interested consumers can view the product's online blog for continued developments.

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