EVA Downlights to Bring Efficiency to Home Kitchen Lighting

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EVA Downlights to Bring Efficiency to Home Kitchen Lighting

South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2014 / LEDified is heading a Kickstarter campaign to fund EVA, a product that revolutionizes the LED downlight design. With its goal of raising $100,000 AUD, LEDified is focused on delivering efficient, reliable lighting in kitchens and other rooms in homes around the world.

LEDified recognizes the many choices customers have when choosing the right home kitchen lighting, including wattage and color. To tackle this issue, the company struck upon the idea of combining 16 different types of LED downlights into one. Nine months and numerous prototypes and tests later, EVA was born.

"Why are we here? We completed the first part of our mission, which is to revolutionize the LED downlight," said Paul Kelly, General Manager-- Trade of LEDified in the EVA Kickstarter campaign video. "We now need your help to bring EVA to the world. If we reach our funding goal, you'll be one of the first people in the world to welcome EVA into your home."

The name EVA stands for its three qualities: Efficient, Versatile, and Adaptable. The product is efficient because it produces 85 lumens per watt, which makes it one of the world's smartest LED lights. The product can also switch between a 10-watt and a five-watt mode whenever it likes. EVA is versatile because users have the option of varying color temperatures. Lastly, the product is adaptable because it was created to fit into most standard light carriers. Customers can also change EVA's faceplates, so as to customize its appearance to suit various home decors.

LEDs like EVA are the lighting option of the future. LEDs save up to 89 percent more energy than their traditional counterparts, and LEDs last longer, are more shock resistant, are less risky to health, and give off up to 95 percent less heat. They are more advanced with the right technology, and more consistent in colour, clarity, and beam angle.

As an LED product, customers can enjoy EVA for up to 30 years, according to Kelly.

To learn more about EVA and to pledge, visit the product's Kickstarter campaign page. Depending on the threshold donation amount, pledgers will get a reward as a sign of LEDified's gratitude. Anyone who pledges least $345 will get a house fit-out with 10 fully functional EVAs, with power input suited for the homeowner's country, plus two fully functional iDim remote controls, an $800 AUD value.

About LEDified

LEDified is an Australian LED lighting company that specializes in bringing efficient energy sources to homes, with high-quality alternative lighting products. The company's innovative projects include state-of-the-art technological discoveries in electronics and mechanics. Furthermore, LEDified products are designed to give consumers, not product manufacturers and sellers, more options about their lighting size and type.


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