Traverse Victorian, Water's Edge Senior Living Facilities Enhance Resident Safety With Versus

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Traverse Victorian, Water's Edge Senior Living Facilities Enhance Resident Safety With Versus

TRAVERSE CITY, MI / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2014 / Two new senior living facilities, Traverse Victorian Senior Living and Water's Edge Assisted Living, are enhancing staff efficiency and resident safety with Visibility™ Resident Care. The solution utilizes Real-time Locating System (RTLS) technology from Versus Technology, Inc. (OTC Pink: VSTI) (PINKSHEETS: VSTI), to drive a suite of features.

According to the Administration on Aging, 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. Coupled with increased life expectancy, the demand for long-term care is growing exponentially. Debbie Banton is helping to meet this demand, having opened two new facilities within the past year. Traverse Victorian is a 65-bed home offering assisted living and long-term care; Water’s Edge is a 25-bed assisted living facility specifically for ambulatory residents.

When it came time to choose a resident call system, Banton looked at several options. "All of them could tell me which resident was calling and what room they belong to," she recalls, "but they couldn’t tell me where the resident currently was in the building."

Visibility Resident Care was the exception. "I liked the fact that it’s essentially a GPS system," Banton says, referring to the locating technology that allows her to see where every resident and staff member is within each facility. "And, the versatility - this system can do so much more."

Small, light-weight Versus locator badges equipped with a call button allow residents and staff alike to request assistance from any location. The Resident and Staff Assist alert includes the exact location of the resident or staff member, so help can be sent quickly.

Visibility Resident Care also offers several additional features to enhance efficiency and safety:

- Passively monitors, records and displays resident calls and response times

- Automatically cancels resident calls when a caregiver responds

- Assists with wander-risk residents, sending alerts when they leave approved areas

- Allows staff to quietly call for assistance from any location

- Enables staff to quickly find each other and equipment

"The minute we turned on the system, we were more efficient," Banton says. "It was really easy for my staff to learn. Now they aren’t running around tracking down resident calls, looking for other staff members or for lifts. From the week before to the week after, the difference was amazing. Now we have a much calmer environment."

Finding residents for doctor visits and physical therapy appointments is now as quick as glancing at a computer screen.

Banton notes that the staff uses the assist functionality the most. "It allows not only my staff but also visiting nurses and therapists to receive help without leaving a resident’s side."

Staff have even found creative ways to use the badge button to improve efficiency. For example, food service workers press their badge button when a resident’s meal is ready for delivery, so caregivers don’t have to keep checking back or wait so long that food goes cold. Meal service now runs more efficiently.

The fact that Visibility Resident Care is a scalable system allowed Banton to start with a smaller set of features and add on to it. The expansion she’s looking forward to the most is the Reports Plus™ Analytics feature, which will allow her to view historical data on resident location and calls using the software’s 25 ready-to-run reports.

"The reporting to me is invaluable," she says. In particular, the Call Response and Rounding reports will give Banton data on how many calls a resident places, how long it took staff to respond, and how long staff members spend with each resident. "When you can give family proof and documentation that their loved one is well cared for, that’s tremendous."

As Banton progressively leverages Visibility Resident Care for enhanced care and safety, families and residents continue to appreciate the technology. “Versus is absolutely part of the tour for potential residents and families. They are always impressed, and it’s helped me gain many new residents.’’

About Traverse Victorian and Water’s Edge

Traverse Victorian Senior Living and Water’s Edge Assisted Living serve the Traverse City, Michigan, area with 24-hour, compassionate care. Both facilities offer residents independence and social engagement in a home-like atmosphere, while trained, professional staff provide the care they need.

About Versus Technology, Inc.

Established in 1988, Versus Technology, Inc. specializes in Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) for healthcare. Used by more than 700 healthcare facilities for enterprise patient tracking, bed management, asset tracking, and nurse call automation, Versus improves patient flow and documentation of caregiver and patient interactions, while enhancing communication and efficiency. The Versus infrared (IR) and Active RFID solution is responsible for clinical-grade location and automation at hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities worldwide. To learn more about Versus Technology, Inc. (Pink Sheets: VSTI), our technology and client successes, visit

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